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Custom Pop Up Tents Made For Events & Outdoor Experiences

Battle-tested for Heavy Use in All Types of Weather
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Custom Pop Up Canopy Tents Printed with Your Logo & Branding

If you’re investing in a custom pop up tent to help represent your brand, you should expect your pop up tent model to be battle-tested and designed to take a beating. Between unpredictable weather, frequent setup and takedown and transporting your customized tent between events, the unexpected happens. To help prevent the unexpected from happening, we choose to manufacture our event tent models in-house with 100% American craftsmanship. This allows us to control quality rather than outsource it.

You're in the right place if:
  •   You’re looking to invest in professional, lasting quality
  •   You’ve experienced the frustration of having to replace poor quality
  •   You can’t afford to misrepresent your brand
  •   You’re looking to stand out and capture more attention
  •   You need something fast
  •   You value American made products
  •   You need a custom event tent built for heavy use
  •   You believe that investing in quality is cheaper in the long run
  •   You’re comfortable investing at least $1,499 toward a professional pop up tent that is customized with your branding
  •   You expect professional, responsive service before, during & after your purchase
  •   You expect claims of “amazing customer service” and “lasting product quality” to be backed with case studies and customer testimonials
  •   You want an event setup that can be rebranded and scaled over time
  •   You want to work with a company that will make it right if something does go wrong
  •   You want someone who takes the time to answer all of your questions and helps you feel confident and well-informed about your options

Professional Pop Up Tent Models

example of a heavy duty pop canopy model with printing on the canopy



this tent is ready to ship in three days
Lifetime Frame Warranty

Think of MONARCHTENT as outdoor event armor—specially designed to protect your brand, your team and your investment. The all-weather, all aluminum pop up tent model is engineered for lifetime use and backed by a lifetime warranty. It’s also made 100% in-house—so you have a full range of customization options to help you stand out & capture the attention your brand deserves.

Choose from standard and custom pop up tent sizes, custom printing and accessories like custom walls, footplates, counters, peak flags and more.

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example of a 10x10 tent branded for outdoor apparel sales and promotions



this tent is ready to ship in three days
5-Year Warranty

If you still care about quality and durability but don’t necessarily need the best, mightyTENT is a great introduction to the world of professional-grade pop-up tents. The mightyTENT frame design and construction uses less aluminum and contains fewer features to offer a lower price point compared to the heavy duty MONARCHTENT model. Visit the mightyTENT product page to learn more about available sizes, custom printing options and accessories.

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Example of a 10x10 inflatable tent branded for Audi Denver


Inflatable event tents, truss tents & more custom tent options

this tent is ready to ship in three days

Sometimes you need more than a pop up tent with logo—something eye-catching and different—but still quick and easy to set up. From inflatable tents for events to snap-together truss structures, there are a handful of alternatives to custom pop up tents—and in some of the most common event tent sizes such as 10X10, 10X15, 10X20 and 20X20.

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Examples of Customized Pop Up Tents

Being able to view and compare examples of custom pop up tents is a great way to get the creative juices going and better understand what?s possible. Here are a number of examples of pop up tents with custom printing and accessories for a wide range of events and use applications.


Understanding Your Options for Personalized Pop Up Tents & Accessories

Determining which type of custom printed pop up canopy is best for your use-case can be time-consuming and lead to more questions than answers. A quick Google search reveals pricing that ranges anywhere from $300 to $3,000 for a printed pop up tent. That begs questions like "what is an appropriate budget for a customized pop up tent?" And “how do I compare a $1,000 custom tent to one that costs $3,000?"

Our goal is to answer all of your questions and help you feel educated and well-informed on all things pop up tents and customization. Even if we're not the right fit, we can still help you navigate the marketplace and provide a recommendation.

example of a 10x10 custom pop up tent promoting Around the Crown 10K race

Comparing Pop-Up Tent Models

When it comes to pop up tent models, there are two frame options: steel or aluminum. Steel frames are cheaper while aluminum frames last longer. So it really comes down to price vs. quality & durability.

Read: Steel Pop Up Tents vs. Aluminum Pop Up Tents: An Honest Comparison to learn more about the pros and cons for each frame type.

If you’ve narrowed your decision to aluminum pop up tent models, you’re in the right place. We make two professional pop up tent models available in both standard and custom sizes. Both models can be customized with your logo and branding, accessories and other features/add-ons. MONARCHTENT features an all aluminum, heavy duty pop up tent frame with a lifetime warranty. mightyTENT features a more efficient medium-duty frame design to better balance budget and quality.

Like many other industries, product design, quality of materials, features and attention to detail impact the price of a branded pop up tent. You’ll find that TentCraft is at the higher end of the market--that’s by design. We’re focused on being the leader in quality and product durability--not price. We protect your investment by representing your brand with the lasting quality & durability it deserves. While most companies import frames, our pop up tents are 100% USA-made and built-to-order in-house.

close-up comparison of medium duty and heavy duty pop up tent frames

Standard & Custom Pop Up Tent Sizes

While most brands require a standard pop up tent size like 10x10, 10x15 or 10x20, pop up tents can be made in custom sizes as well. Whether you need a specific size, height or another custom frame modification, chances are that we’ve done something similar in the past. You can also connect pop up tents together to create custom shapes or layouts such as “L-shape” or “U-shape.” Bottom line—you’re not just limited to standard sizes.

Standard Sizes:
5X5 10X15 15X15
5X10 10X20 13X20
10X10 13X13 13X26
8X8 10X30

Need a custom size? Start Here
Aerial image of custom and standard pop up tent sizes

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Here’s How to Get Pricing on Your Project

Which new model(s) are you interested in?

When would you need it?

Custom Printing

When adding your logo and branding to the canopy, walls and other event signage the print method matters. UV printing and dye sublimation are the two best printing methods when displaying graphics outdoors. We utilize UV printing on the canopy and tent walls because it’s less prone to scratches, scuffs and fading. Like the frame, printed tents and event signage take a beating--constantly folded and unfolded and spending hours under the sun.

example of UV printing on 10x10 pop up tent canopy for the Holly tennis team

Colored Frames

Colored frames are a unique option to customize your pop up tent and help your brand stand out. A number of companies offer frames in standard colors with only a handful offering custom frame colors. Because we make our frames in-house, we’re able to offer both standard and custom frame colors.

example of an orange pop up tent frame custom made for the University of Miami

Accessories and Add-Ons

Pop up tent accessories and add-ons create opportunities for differentiation, additional weather protection and support specific use-applications like concessions, sampling and retail sales.

example of a colorful pop up tent back wall printed for non-profit organization

Full Walls and Half Walls

Printed tent walls are the most common pop up tent accessory. Not only do they provide additional shelter from wind and rain but also give you additional real estate for brand messaging and graphics. We’ve helped brands customize their pop up tents to reflect their product packaging, look like the interior of their restaurant or to support a mobile tour and experiential activation.

example of a printed peak flag on 10x10 pop up tent model

Peak Accessories: Custom Flags, Banners & Toppers

Some pop up tent models, like our MONARCHTENT, feature special peak hardware that allow you to add a printed peak flag, banner or custom logo topper. Most brands use the accessory to communicate event-specific messaging such as “Free Samples” or display their logo and tagline. Either way, peak top accessories are an ideal opportunity to stand out at an event filled with other branded pop up tents.

example of pop up tent counters for a distillery in North Dakota


From breweries to mobile food vendors, pop up tent counters are perfect for use applications like sampling, food vending and event registration. Installation takes a couple minutes and requires no tools. The entire kit also breaks down to fit into a transport case.

example of custom pop up tent leg clamp for displaying custom signage and flags

Leg Clamp Hardware: Flags & Signage

Like peak top accessories, leg clamp hardware allows you to display additional printed event signage like flags, menu boards, logo cutouts and other custom tent accessories.

example of overhead LED lighting kit attached to pop up tent frame

LED Lighting Kits

Some events like concerts and microbrew festivals start in the evening and run late into the night. LED light kits keep your brand illuminated, supporting foot traffic and engagement as late as you need.

example of a TV mounted to a pop up up for displaying menu

Technology Mounting Hardware

Many brands are looking to incorporate technology into their outdoor event experience. A heavy duty pop up canopy like MONARCHTENT is built to support technology integration. Whether you want to mount a TV, iPad or projector—it can be done.

Example of a custom pop up fabrication for an interactive Bud Light experience

Custom Fabricated Accessories

Sometimes you might need something that isn’t considered a standard pop up tent accessory. Maybe you need one side of your pop up tent to have custom shelving for displaying product or maybe you want to attach a custom backdrop for selfie opportunities with your brand. Our custom fabrication capabilities can support any crazy idea or napkin sketch. Just ask.

Example of a custom printed table cover for Adrenaline Shoc energy drink

Other Event Signage

There are also printed event signage products that aren’t accessories but are often included in custom pop up tent packages or bundles. Some of these products include:

  •  Custom Table Covers
  •  A-Frame Signs
  •  Printed Backdrops
  •  Retractable Banners
  •  Custom Inflatable Furniture
  • Peaked Roof or Flat Roof

    While a traditional, peaked roof is most common for branded tents, sometimes you want a pop a structure but don’t necessarily want it to look like a pop up tent. A flat roof pop up tent may give you that look. You can even have a fabric ceiling created to hide the scissor elements.

    10x10 pop up tent with flat roof customized for bubly experiential program" class="img-fluid customize__img

    Laser Frame Etching

    Laser etching is a very niche customization feature. We haven’t seen any other pop up tent companies offer it—so it may be exclusive to TentCraft. Etching is available on the legs of the pop up tent. Whether you want to add your logo, brand messaging or even tag all of your pop up tents with property of _________, it’s a unique add-on.

    Example of laser etching on pop up tent legs

    Custom Head Clearance / Leg Heights

    Another niche customization feature is to have shorter or longer legs created for your pop up tent. We’ve had customers attend events that required a specific head clearance. We’ve also customized our frames for a number of brands within the drone industry—creating pop up drone containment cages to demo technology. Some of these tents require a 15’ or 20’ head clearance.

    rendering of pop up tents with different head clearances
    Need More Inspiration?

    What do people normally buy? This is a pretty common question when folks are trying to decide on the right pop up tent setup. With countless accessories and customization, options can be a bit daunting, so it makes sense to share the most common configurations that businesses and brands have found success with in the field. None of these the feel right? Ask one of our event experts about our custom frame and accessory options.

    6 Of the Most Common Configurations for Customized Pop Up Tents

    We’re often asked about the most common pop up tent configurations. After a deep dive into the customer vault, we pulled together the 6 most common configurations for custom pop up tents. Custom 10x10 pop up tent pricing starts around $1,499.

    How to Get a Price Quote for a Custom Pop Up Tent

    If you’re ready for a detailed price quote, you can click the button below to launch the quote request process. We also provide FREE renderings and mock-ups to help you visualize a custom pop up tent with your branding and artwork.

    FAQs about Custom Pop Up Tents

      How much does a custom pop up tent cost?

    It really depends. You’ll find pricing all over the place—from $500 to $3,000 for a custom printed 10X10 pop up tent. The frame design, quality of materials and labor all impact cost. While steel pop up tents are the cheapest, they aren’t designed for frequent use nor can they handle heavier winds and rain. Most brands expect greater durability and a longer product life which is why aluminum pop up tent models make up the majority of the custom tent market. There are two categories of aluminum frames: medium duty and heavy duty. Heavy duty frames feature all aluminum construction with leg diameters closer to 2” and a thicker wall construction (think pop can vs soup can) and have thicker, reinforced footpads. Medium duty frames use engineered plastic in the connecting elements and less overall aluminum so they’re not only lighter but also have a lower price point. The quality of materials and design also impacts the cost. Many custom pop up tent suppliers import frames from overseas and only make the canopies. While this model gets you cheaper labor and materials, you’re not in control material quality or frame design. You’re also not able to make improvements or customize the frame. There are a few companies like TentCraft, who manufacture the entire pop up tent in-house—creating full control of quality—including material grade, frame design and construction, product enhancements and customization. This is why our custom made tents are going to be on the higher end. On average, our customers are investing $1,500 to $3,000 for a custom 10x10 pop-up tent. For many brands, that may seem expensive. However, we didn’t design our tents to be expensive--we designed them to last.

      Can I have a pop up tent made in a custom size, shape or height?

    Short answer--yes. While there are standard sizes, pop up tents can be made in custom sizes and heights if you’re working directly with the manufacturer. There are some limitations as you’re working in specific size ratios like 1:1, 1:2, 2:3, 2:4, etc. If you’re looking for something custom, best thing is to provide the dimensions you’re looking for.

      What is the turnaround time for a custom pop up tent?

    First thing is to establish what turnaround time means. Some individuals refer to turnaround time as when the product is received and some refer to it as when the product ships. At TentCraft, our turnaround time is based on when your order ships.
    On average, that number is 3 days. If capacity isn’t full, we can also accommodate 1 and 2-day rush orders.

      Why should I invest in a heavy duty pop up tent over cheaper options?

    Sometimes a cheaper solution may be better. You’re trying to balance a number of decision criteria such as budget, durability and frequency of use. If you’re only planning on using the tent 1-2 times a year and maybe only want your logo on one peak, spending $2,000+ on a custom tent may not make sense. A heavy duty pop up tent is designed for a busy event season and meant to be cheaper in the long run. If you’re thinking more in terms of ROI and cost-per-use, a heavy duty tent makes the most sense. You should also consider your brand and position in the marketplace. If you’re promoting a premium product or service does it make sense to represent your brand with cheaper quality? Responsible purchasing is also a phrase we hear many non-profits and municipalities use. While they don’t have unlimited budgets, they can’t afford to make the wrong decision and have to replace a cheaper solution within 12 to 16 months. Best thing to do is list out your goals and make a list of pros and cons. We speak with a lot of brands who are hesitant to spend $3,000 on a custom pop up tent setup—but they never regret professional quality once they have it in-hands.

    Why Partner With TentCraft?

    When planning for an event, every decision you make leading up to it impacts its success. A million little pieces snowballed together to create a successful space to engage, entertain, or even enthrall your customers. TentCraft's goal has always been to help our clients produce successful events with maximum impact and ROI. How do we do that? We aren't just the manufacturer — we are your partner in WOW'ing, and a true extension of your team.

    We help with renderings and pitch decks, experiential design and logistics, and most importantly, we help you exceed expectations with every setup. Because we have creative design, production, and print all under one roof, our event experts follow your project from idea to implementation and into a box bound for you.

    Over a decade of experience and 20,000+ projects under our belt makes TentCraft an ideal partner for your next outdoor event adventure.

    A blue tent canopy working through a skilled fabricators sewing machine.