A custom trade show exhibit for MINI USA

Custom Trade Show Exhibits for Brand Activations

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You've invested in the extra-large trade show booth footprint, but now what?

It's time to start creating an immersive trade show exhibit experience that attracts visitors and clients to your booth space and perfectly highlights your brand.

TentCraft is an American manufacturer and leader in the event and experiential marketing space. Our team of designers, engineers, and event experts are here to create the ultimate custom booth that's guaranteed to stand out on the trade show floor.

And because we build everything in the U.S. — Traverse City, Michigan, to be exact — we can turn around your trade show display very quickly, typically in three to five days.

Build Your Custom Exhibit

Custom Trade Show Exhibits & Displays

We design, engineer, and build trade show exhibits using our portfolio of event solutions, from truss to signage, including wall graphics, banners, SEG, and modular displays.

Rest assured that nothing about your build-out is off-the-shelf. We love custom projects at TentCraft and take pride in making your custom trade show display stand out.

Use this page for an overview of our trade show exhibits and displays, and to learn the types of trade show displays we offer, i.e., wall graphics, banners, signage, modular displays, and more.

Looking for portable displays? Explore our pop-up trade show booth displays.

Large Trade Show Exhibits

A large trade show exhibit setup with Jagermeister branding

Large Truss Activation with Arched Media Walls

Truss is a versatile trade show exhibit solution, and we like taking it to the next level by attaching branded arched media walls.

Rendering of large trade show exhibit for Wahoo

Truss & Pop-Up Tent Activation

Don't limit pop-up tents to just outdoor events. If you have approved height clearances, combining canopy tents with solutions like truss structures, is a great way to stand out and highlight your brand.

Rendering of a trade show setup for BMW

Truss Structure for Auto Shows

When you need to go big to highlight products like automobiles, truss is a great starting point.

Standard Exhibits

A trade show exhibit for GoPro using truss

Standard Truss Exhibit Setup

Custom truss structures also work great for smaller-sized trade show footprints. This example for GoPro includes wrapped truss, a custom-printed backdrop, and a custom-printed table.

A pop-up lounge for Lume

Pop-Up Lounge for Trade Shows

Our team of engineer and designers combined two MONARCHSTOREFRONT pop-up tents to create an exhibition that is more "lounge" than "trade show booth."

A media backdrop trade show setup for Whiskey Pig

Double Arched Backdrop Setup

Event backdrops do not need to be one-dimensional. This example for WhistlePig Whiskey features two arched backdrops.

Create Your Custom Trade Show Exhibit

Whether you have an extremely specific design for your next trade show activation, or need some inspiration — our team of engineers, designers, and artists can bring your custom exhibit to life. We typically turn around renderings of your project (like the one for MINI below!) in 24 hours or less.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to build a custom trade show exhibit?

  • The final cost to build a custom trade show exhibit depends on your overall project's size and scope (amount of printing, materials, shipping location, etc.) Most TentCraft. customers who are investing in large trade show buildouts typically pay more than $7,500 for their activation.

  • Can TentCraft trade show exhibit solutions be used more than once?

  • Yes, our trade show solutions are designed for lifetime use, and many solutions include a lifetime warranty.

  • How fast can TentCraft turn around my custom trade show exhibt?

  • TentCraft can typically turn around your custom trade show exhibit in three to five business days. That's because we manufacture and custom-print all of our trade show solutions in the United States and operate under a build-to-order model.

  • How long does it take to set up a custom trade show exhibit?

  • The overall size and level of customization dictates how long it takes to set up your trade show exhibit. A setup, for example, that uses a pop-up tent and event backdrops can typically be set up in 10-15 minutes. An activation using truss, custom walls, and multiple tables, however, is going to take much longer — at least 45-60 minutes.

  • Can you use a custom trade show exhibits indoors and outdoors?

  • Some elements of your custom trade show exhibit can be used indoors and outdoors.

    A pop-up canopy tent, for instance, can easily be used indoors and outdoors because there are ways to anchor it against high winds.

    Other elements, like media walls and SEG, aren't designed for outdoor use because they don't cooperate with high winds.

    Reach out to our team if you have questions about specific event solutions for outdoor or indoor use.

Let's Build Your Custom Trade Show Exhibit