TV Tent Mounts For Event Activations

Quickly add a TV to your event tent setup

Whether you’re exhibiting at an indoor trade show or need an interactive — and easy-to-change — menu for your concession tent, TentCraft is skilled in incorporating TV mounts into your event activations.

We sell three main types of TV mount solutions:

  • Media Wall TV Mount

  • TV Leg Mount

  • Freestanding TV Mount

Learn which mount is best for your business and events.

Media Wall TV Mount

We’ve engineered our custom media walls to include a TV mount that any major brand of television can attach to. The media wall is made custom to accommodate your desired size of the television, so make sure to thoroughly explain the look and feel of your activation that you’re going for to our team.

The wall design makes cable management quite easy because it runs between both sides of the Powerstretch custom-printed fabric and then comes out the bottom of the media wall.

Freestanding TV Mounts

At TentCraft, we love custom projects. So, when clients come to us asking to make a TV appear as if it’s floating on a tent wall, we’re all in! Our freestanding TV mount sneakily hides behind your tent wall and we strategically cut out an opening, concealing the actual mount. Cord management takes place behind the wall, for a clean look and easy setup.

Tent TV Mount

Our TV leg mounts are popular amongst restaurants and breweries looking for an easy way to display their menu. The mount easily attaches to your pop-up tent’s leg and can swivel for flexible viewing. We recommend using a monitor under 40 inches for the leg mount.

Here's How To Get Pricing On Your TV Tent Mount