Custom Construction Tents for Builders & General Contractors

Builders and contractors who work outside understand that weather is unpredictable. From scorching heat under the sun to that unexpected rain and wind storm, those workers need access to a heavy-duty tent. And if the tent is going to be out there, it mine as well look really good and advertise their business in the process.

TentCraft is an American manufacturer of custom, heavy-duty tents trusted by the construction industry. We’ve helped everyone from large general contractors to the small residential roofing business stand out at work sites and advertise their business in the process.

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Construction Canopy Tents Made in USA to Protect Your Crews

All TentCraft tents are manufactured and handcrafted in the the USA — Traverse City, Michigan, to be exact. Because we control the entire manufacturing process, our attention to detail and commitment to quality is the best in the industry. And we know how important high-quality, heavy-duty products are to the construction industry! Let’s get to it:!

Semi-Permanent Large Construction Tents

Larger work sites require large tents that can be left up weeks or even months at a time. TentCraft manufactures an impressive lineup of frame tents that fits that description. Our E-Series and X-Series can go as big as 20x40. If you need bigger, though, our FutureTrac solution can be as large as 50x50. The overall footprint increases when you connect multiple tents together. Frame tents can be used as a shelter for workers, but also as a temporary facility to store equipment. Learn more about frame tents.

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Custom tent for roofing company

A Useful Advertisement Tent for Your Business

A work tent is more than just a shelter — it’s also an opportunity to market your general contractor business to people passing by. TentCraft has a number of customers who rely on our heavy-duty pop-up tents as portable billboards for their business, in addition to a handy shaded structure to enjoy their lunch. If you don’t have a logo or branding, our art team can help you come up with an engaging design. TentCraft offers two main types of pop-up tents: medium-duty (mightyTENT) and heavy-duty (MONARCHTENT). Learn the differences between mightyTENT and MONARCHTENT.

Made in USA Means Fast Turnaround Times

The biggest difference between TentCraft and the competition is that your tent doesn’t exist today. Because our tents are custom-made to order, you don’t have to worry about a tent frame sitting on a shelf in a warehouse collecting dust. You also don’t have to worry about long lead times when the global supply chain is in disarray since most of our competition imports tent frames from China. Our build-to-order business strategy lets us have some of the fastest lead times in the business — typically a 3-5 day turnaround.

A TentCraft production worker assembles a custom pop-up tent frame.

TentCraft Reviews

Construction companies love working with TentCraft because of our dedication to building the highest quality custom tents and structures on the market. They also appreciate our best-in-class customer service. Read more reviews as you continue your search for custom tents for your business.

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  • How much do TentCraft tents cost?
  • Several factors — from size to design to printing to add-on accessories — impact the final price of your custom tent. You should be comfortable investing at least $1,500 into a custom tent that lasts a really long time. If not, we may not be a good fit.

    By investing in quality upfront, you can make your budgets more predictable down the road. Learn more about our costs, here.

  • Are your tents wind rated?
  • All of our semi-permanent frame tents and our heavy-duty pop-up tents come with certified wind ratings by an actual third-party engineering firm. Learn more about pop-up tent wind ratings.

  • How fast can you deliver a custom tent?
  • Speed is our bread and butter. Because we manufacture all tents in-house, we can manufacture your custom tent and ship it out typically in three to five days. If you need it quicker than that, we are also capable of quick turn projects depending on our current workload.

  • How you anchor a tent on asphalt or cement?
  • There are several ways to anchor a canopy tent, but for pop-up tents, we recommend using our heavy-duty, 50lbs. footplates on each leg.

Let's Build Something Great

TentCraft operates in Traverse City, Michigan, and we work with some of the world's most recognizable brands that demand high-quality solutions. The construction industry works in some tough places and needs custom structures that are not only easy to put up and take down, but also last a really long time. Reach out to us today to learn how we can help your business.

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