Custom Farmers Market Tents for Professional Vendors

Heavy-Duty Vendor Tents Made In the USA

Starting at $1,499

Whether you're new to selling at farmers markets or have several seasons under your belt, you know tents play a big role in your overall success as a market vendor.

At TentCraft, we're on a mission to get local farmer market vendors to finally ditch the cheap canopies that fall apart after a season or two. It's time to invest in a professional-grade tent frame with a lifetime warranty and custom canopy that not only stands up to unpredictable weather and constant use, but also looks REALLY good to attract shoppers on market day.

As a preferred partner of Farmers Market Pros, you can trust the TentCraft team to manufacture and fabricate the strongest custom canopy tent on the market — and ship it out to you quickly. As an American manufacturer, we can typically turn around custom jobs in three days.

The Best Farmers Market Tent for Your Business

We hear from outdoor market vendors nearly daily: They're tired of replacing cheap tents. They want to stand out. And they need protection from wind and rain for not just their employees and potential customers — but also their baked goods and fresh produce.

We know budgets are tight for these small business owners, but we also understand that investing in quality upfront is financially better in the long run. It's also more sustainable for the environment since you won't be tossing a cheap tent to the landfill every couple of years.

Still, our American-made solutions may not fit your budget — and that's OK! That's why we compiled a list of the best farmers market tents, including products from our competitors that will serve you better than buying the cheap Walmart 10x10 canopy.

This Professional Farmers Market Vendor Chose MONARCHTENT

Learn how Wisconsin farmer Kat Becker grew her business, Cattail Organics, after landing a prestigious USDA Value Added Producers Grant.

One of the farm's first purchases was a heavy-duty MONARCHTENT with custom-printed canopy.

Becker said she didn't want to get stuck in the cycle of replacing cheap tents every year or two, so she invested in MONARCHTENT, which comes with a lifetime frame warranty and certified wind ratings.

Trusted by Farmers Market Pros

TentCraft is a preferred partner of Farmers Market Pros, a leading trade organization helping local farmers market managers and vendors run a more successful business. One of the first things the Pros stress to farmers market newbies is to invest in a high-quality, heavy-duty vendor tent. And if they can afford it, spring for a custom tent instead of the plain white tent to stand out.

If you're new to the industry, Farmers Market Pros offers a Vendor 101 class to help launch your business.

Inspiration: Custom Market Tents

TentCraft follows a build-to-order business model, meaning your tent doesn't exist today. That also means your tent frame isn't sitting on a shelf collecting dust (or in a shipping container on its way from China). That's why we can manufacture and ship you the highest quality farmers market tent in under a week.

While most vendors start their search with a 10x10 standard peak pop up canopy tent, other options are available, including different sizes and canopy styles.

Here's some inspiration:

Heavy-Duty Pop-Up Tent 10x10

Starting at $3,000

As a farmer's market power-user, Cattail Organics used USDA grant dollars to pay for its 10x10 MONARCHTENT.

Medium-Duty Farmers Market Tent 10x10 w/ Back Wall

Starting at $1,799

The market manager for Mishawaka Parks and Recreation invested in an extra-colorful 10x10 mightyTENT and took it up a notch by adding a custom-printed back wall.

10x10 Pagoda-Style Pop-Up Tent with Custom-Printed Backwall

Starting at $4,400

Pixie's Potions invested in a MONARCHREACH to stand out at a farmers market or outdoor event and have 18 inches of additional shade on all four sides. To complete the look, the business invested in a single-sided-printed back wall.

Custom-Printed Market Stall

Starting at $1,999

If you're a market vendor who 1) doesn't need much room to sell your product or service at a farmers market, and 2) travels to many markets, you may want an ultra-portable MONARCHSTALL. It provides shelter and more branding opportunities than traditional banners. It's especially popular for setting up sample booths at markets.

Explore All Farmers Market Tent Options

Pop-Up Tents

Most farmers market vendors start their search with pop-up tents.

Frame Tents

A semi-permanent option that can be custom-printed and branded.

Farmers Market Tent Accessories

You can customize your pop-up tent to look great and protect you from the elements (especially if you add sidewalls), but there are some accessories you should also consider to make the most of your market canopy. All TentCraft tents include tent stakes and a heavy-duty transport bag.

Our best-in-class customer service team recommends these must-have canopy tent accessories:

Weighted Footplates


A farmers market vendor commonly has to set up in a parking lot space, which doesn't allow you to stake down your tent. TentCraft's 50-pound footplates collapse and wrap around the base of each of your tent's legs to make it capable of achieving its certified wind rating. They're also more portable (and often heavier) than cement or concrete blocks. If you're concerned about wind, you need these footplates to anchor your canopy tent properly.

Custom Flags

Starting at $199

Adding custom event flags to your space is an affordable way to attract shoppers to your stand. TentCraft custom prints four styles of flags — rectangle, teardrop, feather, and shark fin — and manufactures a custom, large-scale flag. We call it, Flagstand XL.

Custom Table Cover

Starting at $225

Your setup is more than just a promotional tent. You need tables to display your products, from fresh food and vegetables to organic soaps. To bring your entire display together, invest in a custom-printed table cover. It's the perfect touch of professionalism and allows you to bring your business' branding to an indoor special event or market when your tent isn't permitted.

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Farmers Market Canopy Tent FAQs

  • Do you really need a tent for the farmers market?
  • While you don't necessarily need a tent, it's a liability on two counts if you don't have one. First, the weather is unpredictable. If you set up a table with your products and nothing covering it, you risk damaging those goods — especially food. Who wants to buy soggy bread or vegetables?

    Second, it will be easier to stand out at a farmers market with a tent—customers associate vendors with tents. If you don't have one, there's a much higher chance of being skipped over as they browse the market.

  • How much does a farmers market tent cost on average?
  • If you're buying a cheap 10x10 canopy from Walmart or Home Depot, you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars for a product that might get you through an entire season. You likely won't be able to put your logo on that tent.

    You should expect to invest between $1,500 to $3,000 for a professional solution, like TentCraft's mightyTENT or heavy-duty MONARCHTENT. In addition to a heavy-duty frame, you also receive options for full customization, a fast turnaround, and a lifetime frame warranty.

  • What is the best frame material for a market tent?
  • Aluminum is the best frame material for your market tent. Aluminum is one-third the weight of steel, which allows manufacturers like TentCraft to engineer canopy tent frames with super-thick legs for greater durability.

    If you created steel legs with a similar gauge for a 10x10 market tent, it would weigh more than 225 lbs., which is not portable at all. That's why steel-frame tents tend to have a thin leg profile to keep the overall weight down.

    Aluminum is more expensive than steel, but the pros still outweigh the cons.

  • How much weight do I need to weigh down my 10x10 canopy?
  • At least 200 pounds is needed to anchor your tent to concrete and other hard surfaces properly. To achieve the certified wind ratings of our heavy-duty pop-up tents, you must ballast your tent with the recommended amount of weight.

  • How can you make your canopy tent stand out at a farmers market?
  • You can do three main things to make your canopy tent stand out at a farmers market:

    1. Invest in a custom canopy tent with your business' branding and logo on the peak. Remember, farmers markets tend to be a sea of white tents. At TentCraft, we employ a first-class print team to dye-sublimate your logo on a tent to ensure it doesn't crack or peel and an art team who can help design your tent. That's extremely helpful for newer businesses that may not have a logo or branding. Working with our in-house art team is really easy.

    2. Add colorful custom signage that attracts customers. This could include an A-frame sign to place near your space, rigid signage showing off your menu of products that can attach to your tent legs, or a vinyl banner that can hang from the back of your tent.

    3. Go with a unique canopy tent design. Most brands stick to a standard peak, but TentCraft manufactures a collection of canopy tent designs that stand out and last a long time.

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As you can see, we take market tents pretty seriously at TentCraft. Our team of experts has helped countless market vendors come up with a tent shelter for their stand that draws in customers and protects their people and products.

If you still have questions, we want to hear from you. Submit a note with your quote request or question, and our team will get back to you soon!

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