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Medium Duty Pop Up Tent System

A lightweight American made custom pop-up canopy tent backed by a five-year warranty.

A medium-duty mightyTENT with TentCraft logo and Made in the USA badge.
A medium-duty and lightweight aluminum custom pop-up tent.

Medium Duty Pop Up Tent System

A lightweight American made custom pop-up canopy tent backed by a five-year warranty.

If you’re investing in a custom printed pop up tent but don’t require the best possible solution and still care about quality—mightyTENT may be a great fit.

Where our heavy duty MONARCHTENT model is focused on maximizing ROI, product life and customization, mightyTENT is aimed at balancing cost and quality to deliver a best-in-class medium duty pop up tent. mightyTENT is not the same as what you’ll find in a big box retailer or Amazon. mightyTENT is for brands and business owners looking to upgrade to a professional grade American made pop up tent.

mightyTENT model has a lower price point when compared to MONARCHTENT because it uses less aluminum and contains fewer features and add-ons. That means less time, materials and labor—the key to reducing cost. With that said, mightyTENT still may not be the right fit. There are plenty of cheaper pop up tent models available. We’re not trying to be the price leader—we’re focused on being the customization and quality leader. That’s why we make everything here, in Michigan—so we can own quality and key processes to continually innovate and make our products better.

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"Excellent product and customer service. Very patient with us throughout the process. When we set up the tent for the first time, we were so impressed. We wish we would have had these tents a year ago."
Steve Uhl
Be Ultimate Sports
Children playing in sandbox in-front of pop-up tent printed with Early Childhood branding.

Why Choose the mightyTENT Over Alternatives?

You're looking for a reliable partner — something that will have your back, increase customer loyalty, make an impact in sales and look phenomenal the entire time. Consider your search over. This medium duty tent is built using a lightweight anodized aluminum frame, sleek nylon components, and can be set- up by one person in less than a few minutes. It is created to be the best in class strength and endurance without breaking the bank.

Made in the USA

Every detail has been meticulously scrutinized, and painstakingly pushed to perfection — resulting in the quality and value expected of an American made product.

3-Day Turn Time

Ready to ship to your event fast. Designed, printed and fabricated in an average of 3 business days.

Anodized Aluminum Frame

Each frame piece is made from military grade anodized aluminum, designed to maximize strength and durability.

Digital UV Printing

Any color, any artwork. UV print method means your artwork won't fade over time.

5-Year Warranty

If this tent frame ever fails due to a manufacturer's error, we'll repair or replace it for free for 5 years.

Tailored Service and Support

Day or night, your TentCraft team can help with just about any situation.

Complete Customization

Whether you need a tent, mobile store-front or pop-up restaurant, we've got you covered.

Accessories and Add-Ons

Printed walls, countertops, lighting kits and much more.

Included with Every mightyTENT

Every mightyTENT ships with a slip cover for safe storage, a stake kit, and detailed setup instructions for repeated use.

A collage of the medium-duty slip cover, tie-down straps, and stakes made for mightyTENT.

Why We Make The mightyTENT In-house

What TentCraft customers put underneath this tent differs considerably. The sheer amount of uses for a branded pop-up tent are almost endless. But what remains the same, is what this pop-up tent is made to protect.

You've worked hard to present your product at the next event. You may have just launched a new idea that fuels your passion but also can be a huge money maker and the last thing you need is something jeopardizing that. Give yourself the advantage and protect yourself and product against the unforeseeable elements that outdoor events naturally bring. Each mightyTENT is hand-built by craftsmen with proud midwestern values, an appreciation for hard work, and a dedication to quality. We made a choice to engineer the mightyTENT in-house because the peace of mind you get with a mightyTENT isn't something you can just import from a high-volume dealer and cross your fingers. We needed to own the quality, and you deserve that.

Visually, each mightyTENT broadcasts that quality is here. We know that each and every time you display, it's an opportunity to create new customers, drive new revenue, and make a better living. The mightyTENT answers the question, "who speaks for your product when you can't"? Every canopy is printed using digital UV methods to keep it fade-resistant from the sun and is constructed using water-resistant material to keep you and your product dry. This method proves to be superior for not only protection from the elements but also making sure your messaging looks professional year after year.

Every Piece Made Right Here at TentCraft

Resulting in the quality and value expected of an American made product.

A visual rendering of every piece of the mightyTENT frame components.
10x20 pop-up tent with Sabra branding that includes matching walls, corn hole games and sampling team.

How the mightyTENT is an Investment In Your Business

The tent is just the beginning. We use all of the same hand-built methods and apply them to many of the accessories that transform a traditional event footprint into a full-blown marketing experience.

Your new mightyTENT can help you expand into new events, bigger venues, and larger opportunities with the ability to accommodate additional branding, messaging, or niche functional needs. With ease, the mightyTENT can expand to accommodate both full and half walls, marketing flags, and countertop systems, to name a few. Even if you need something completely custom to your industry or service, because we're the lead manufacturer, we can help.

A few accessories that work with the mightyTENT

Premium accessories that protect and transform outdoor event experiences.

Custom tent walls for the TentCraft mightyTENT
Full & Half Walls

Increase your branded presence and enclose your space with perfectly printed walls.

Medium-duty pop-up tent counters made by TentCraft

Use to display your products prominently or create an integrated full-service station. Utilize as a single counter or enclose your entire tent for 360˚ of service.

Pop-up tent footplate weights for TentCraft mightyTENT

Sleek 50lb cast-iron footplates keep your tent safely secured to the earth in up to 35MPH wind gusts. An excellent addition when traditional staking is not an option.

Marketing flags built for medium-duty pop-up tent

Marketing flags go hand-in-hand with any tent system and help elevate your presence at any event.

Why Partner With TentCraft?

When planning for an event, every decision you make leading up to it impacts its success. A million little pieces snowballed together to create a successful space to engage, entertain, or even enthrall your customers. TentCraft's goal has always been to help our clients produce successful events with maximum impact and ROI. How do we do that? We aren't just the manufacturer — we are your partner in WOW'ing, and a true extension of your team.

We help with renderings and pitch decks, experiential design and logistics, and most importantly, we help you exceed expectations with every setup. Because we have creative design, production, and print all under one roof, our event experts follow your project from idea to implementation and into a box bound for you.

Over a decade of experience and 20,000+ projects under our belt makes TentCraft an ideal partner for your next outdoor event adventure.

A blue tent canopy working through a skilled fabricators sewing machine.

Get to Know Our Process

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1. Start the conversation with a quote request.

We work where it’s easiest for you. After answering just a few quick questions, we can make sure your request is directed to the best person to help bring your project to life.

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2. We’ll help guide you to the perfect solution.

Our team consists of skilled event experts, artists and customer service savants who live and breathe outdoor custom solutions 24-7. We’ll hear your challenges, learn about your specific use case and guide you into a tailored solution.

tent photo icon
3. We’ll show you how awesome it’ll look.

Once we figure out your product fit, our team of professional artists will craft a document to help you visually see what the finished product will look like at no cost. If you don’t like the first version, we’ll keep working with you until we hit a homerun.

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4. We'll build it and ship it.

All within 3-days your custom product is printed, cut, hand-sewn, assembled, quality checked and shipped out our door and on its way to you.

Here’s How to Get Pricing on Your mightyTENT

American Craftsmanship built into each and every project.

We’re masters of our craft, driven by grit, gumption, and our unwavering commitment to elevating your brand. From custom pop-up tents to event accessories to experiential footprints, we do it all and we do it well. We’re interested in becoming an extension of your team, committed to your brand and the impressions you'll make.

We’re different. We’re experienced. We’re TentCraft. Let’s make something together.