Custom Canopy Tent Sizes

One of the first decisions you make when shopping for a custom canopy tent is how big — or small — of a footprint you need for your event.

If you’re a farmers market vendor, for example, you typically use a 10x10 for ease of transportation, and because that’s a standard booth size at those markets. If you’re a craft brewer attending beer festivals, you likely want something larger, like a 10x20 or even a 13x30 to accommodate a few kegs and serve multiple people at once.

The size of canopy is an important decision, but investing in the correct size isn’t always easy. That’s why we recommend sending our team a note to talk through your options and help you determine the perfect size for your business. Sometimes you need a small canopy tent — sometimes you need something a little bigger.

The following pages help you not only visualize the different TentCraft canopy tent sizes, but also learn what types of custom structures are available in each size.

10x10 Canopy Tent

The 10x10 is the most popular canopy tent size, typically making up half of our yearly business. This size is available in nearly all of our custom structures, including pop-up tents, frame tents, and inflatable tents. Just because the 10x10 size is so popular doesn’t mean your tent can’t stand out in a crowd. At TentCraft, we live for customization and manufacture custom 10x10 tents with a number of canopy designs and footprints. Learn more about 10x10 canopy tents.

10x20 Canopy Tent

Our second most popular size is the 10x20. It’s the perfect size tent for cross country and track teams because it offers 200 square feet of covered space, and is still easy for a few people to transport from meet to meet. This size is also popular among beer and food vendors who want to accommodate multiple patrons at once. Learn more about 10x20 canopy tents.