Custom Food and Vendor Tents for Outdoor Events

We understand that each event is a huge opportunity to connect with customers and to get your food and product into the hands of lifelong fans. And you know that looking professional is a big motivator and driver of customer traffic and curiosity.

See below examples of branded vendor tents that help drive food concessions for businesses who depend on quality and dependability for long event schedules. Since we are the manufacturer, we can help create customizations or adapt our tents to work precisely the way you need for any type of business. We take great pride in working with you hand-in-hand to provide a reliable event partner for years to come.

Portly Fowl - Heavy-Duty Tent For A Mobile Food Establishment

The Portly Fowl is a comfort food mobile establishment that describes itself as, “just a couple of local guys trying to serve up well thought out and executed food. We love what we do and enjoy sharing nice moments with people over food.”

Opening this summer, they needed a place to both create and serve comfort classics as they attended multiple events around Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Working with our design team, they chose a custom printed 10x10 MONARCHTENT with a full back wall, three side walls, and a counter where they can meet, great, and serve the eats. All of our tents are California fire certified so they can safely cook and serve all from the tent as they attend concerts, the Green Bay Vintage Market, igNight market, the Coffee Wizards Bizarre Market Series, and brewery events.

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A black and white 10x10 MONARCHTENT for Portly Fowl, a mobile food establishment.
Heavy-duty popup tent for The Local Lemon

A Lemonade Stand That Means Business

Who can say no to a lemonade stand? Certainly not us! And definitely not in Arizona, the piping hot home of The Local Lemon

They've been letting their lemon flag fly sky high since 2019 when they first purchased a MONARCHTENT and moved their business from Texas to Arizona.

Since that day they have been a staple at local farm markets, earning rave reviews for their handcrafted citrus drinks.

The heavy-duty printed tent and counters they chose earned rave reviews too!

"I just wanted to let you know that we attended our first farmers market this past Saturday with our business The Local Lemon. It was a huge success! We wanted to let you and your company know that we received such positive feedback on our branding and the engineering of the tent. Market staff assisted us in setting it up as they assist many vendors. They were impressed with the sturdiness and ease in putting it up. The thick cover and dolly system blew their mind! The tent logo came out really well & it did catch the eye of many of our customers."

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Chick N' Out - 10x10 Festival Food Tent

When Chick'N Out headed to the Rochester Lilac Festival they needed a fire resistant heavy-duty pop-up tent to serve as their base of operations.

It had to be attention grabbing to line up the customers and spacious enough to give their team room to keep cooking up their signature fried chicken and spiral potatoes.

They choose a custom printed 10x10 MONARCHTENT. Our signature tent, the MONARCH stands head and shoulders above off the shelf stock tents, includes a printed flag, and a lifetime frame warranty/7 year canopy warranty. They filled it with their friers, coolers, and enthusiastic staff and set about sharing their love of crunchy chicken with festival goers.

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A 10x10 heavy-duty pop-up tent for Chick n' Out concessions sales.
A 10x10 medium-duty pop-up tent with table cover for use in a commercial filmed in New York City.

Dickey's BBQ - 10x10 Concession Tent

When Dickey’s Barbecue Pit got the invite from Fox & Friends to join them for some summer barbecuing in New York City they answered the call with a camera ready mightyTENT and table cover.

In addition to being CA fire certified, the branding on the printed canopy had to look perfect because Laura Rea Dickey, CEO of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, was stepping behind the grill to teach the hosts how to get that perfect bark on their competition style brisket.

Dickey's turned to us because time was of the essence and they knew we were up to quickly creating a custom printed tent, even in the middle of summer. And even though this tent was rushed to be done in time for this video segment it went on to live a long life at additional Dickey's Barbecue events.

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IceGreen Snowballs - 10x10 Pop-up Tent For A Pop-up Shop

IceGreen Snowballs is a mobile shaved ice shop that needed a home for the summer.

After securing a semi-permanent location at the Washington D.C. Tanger Outlets they decided to keep their food truck mobile and invest in a heavy-duty custom printed pop-up tent. We created a 10x10 MONARCHTENT with a printed back wall to display their flavors, half sidewalls, and counters. Our weighted footplates keep the tent secure, even on concrete, and the counters allow the IceGreen team to serve their guests on a clean surface while preparing frosty treats on tables just below them.

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A heavy-duty 10x10 pop-up tent for a mobile Shaved Ice business.
A 10x15 medium-duty pop-up tent for Skinny Kenny BBQ.

Skinny Kenny BBQ - 10x15 Food Truck Tent

Skinny Kenny's BBQ is busy. With two locations plus a food truck, this Michigan-based restaurant is popping up all over the mitten.

So when their last pop-up tent pooped out after only two and a half years they turned to TentCraft. We designed a 10x15 mightyTENT to pair with their food truck and protect their customers at events.

Our medium-duty mightyTENT has a 5-year frame warranty and a 7-year canopy warranty which means that Skinny Kenny can go hog wild at events with their new tent and not have to worry about replacements, at least until they are ready to grow the fleet again.

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Sol Kitchen - 10x10 Farm Market Food Tent

Ryan and Melissa Brown were taking their farm to table cooking to people who would truly appreciate it, farmers and shoppers at their local New Hampshire farmers market.

Farmers market vendors always appreciate the value of a well-made tent, their business depends on them. That's why Sol Kitchen chose a heavy-duty MONARCHTENT with a full back wall and counters on three sides. We back our flagship tent with a lifetime frame warranty and seven year canopy warranty.

Were they happy with their purchase? Their TrustPilot review says it all: "Amazing all around experience for 2nd time that I’ve used TentCraft."- Chef Ryan

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A 10x10 heavy-duty pop-up tent with full, half walls and countertops used for food sales at farm markets.

Concession Tent Reviews

A pagoda style 10x10 pop-up tent with full walls used for iced tea concessions at fairs and festivals.

Mama Jugs - 10x10 Unique Concession Tent

Mama Jugs Iced Tea is a standout concession vendor at festivals and fairs across the South. They needed a custom printed pop-up structure that could travel with them while also reflecting the uniqueness of their brand.

We created a MONARCHREACH with double sided printing of a classic country cabin that includes a half wall to allow easy service to their thirsty customers. The overhang on a REACH is idea for food service, providing extra shade for customers and employees not protected by full walls.

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NYC Sub Shop - 10x15 Concession Tent

The New York City Sub Shop decided to employ 10x15 pop up canopy tent model to serve as the base of their mobile concession tent. Half-walls were used on three sides and a custom back wall was printed with an integrated door on the left side. Their location sometimes experiences heavy wind gusts so our 66lb footplates were an ideal solution, which are certified for wind speeds up to 35mph.

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A 10x15 heavy-duty pop-up tent with full, half walls and countertops used for food concessions for a New York City Sub Shop
A 10x10 heavy-duty pop-up tent with UV printed full back wall used at beach for snack tent.

Food Lion - 10x10 Beach Snackin' Tent

We helped Food Lion create this branded concession tent experience for their experiential event during spring break. Since heavy winds are common along the ocean shoreline, they chose our heavy duty pop-up tent frame which delivers an octagonal leg design for greater stability whether on a flat or uneven surface such as sand.

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Rotel - 10x15 Stadium Sampling Tent

For this outdoor sampling experience, Rotel used two of our 10X15 heavy-duty pop up canopy models with full digital printing. These models include a patented roof fitting for peak flags or a peak banner, such as the one you see in this examples which reads 'Free Samples.'

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A 10x15 heavy-duty pop-up tent used at festival for food sampling.
A 10x10 medium-duty pop-up tent at farmers market.

Local Difference - 10x10 Farmers Market Tent

Taste the Local Difference required a simple, medium-duty event tent to help promote a locally-sourced farmers market brunch. Our mightyTENT model was a perfect fit as it still offers a strong frame that can withstand the outdoor elements and frequent use, yet it's a bit more budget-friendly when compared to our heavy-duty pop up tent frame option.

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The Local Meatball - 10x10 Vendor Tent

The Local Meatball needed a pop up canopy tent model which could withstand the rigors of frequent use and the outdoor elements. Our heavy-duty frame is the answer if you'll be using your event tent 5+ times per year. In addition to a 10X10 pop up model, we printed a custom roof, back wall and table cover to give their growing mobile catering business a professional appearance.

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A white and red heavy-duty pop-up tent printed with custom back walls and table cover to match branding.
A 10x10 mobile food vendor heavy-duty pop-up tent with red peak flag used for product sampling.

Bollitos Sandwiches - 10x10 Mobile Vendor Tent

This mobile sandwich shop for Bollitos shows of our optional peak flags which are compatible with our heavy-duty canopy tent models. Half-height walls around the perimeter are a popular choice for any mobile food vendor. We also carry wood countertop extensions that can be added to one or all four sides of a tent.

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Wheat Thins Popped - 10x10 Sampling Tents

Wheat Thins invited the world to join them for the ultimate snack break in Times Square to help them launch the new Wheat Thins Popped brand. Their vision was to have a number of event structures which looked like the Wheat Thins Popped bag. That's exactly what we delivered. More than 50,000 samples were distributed via these tents.

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A custom pop-up tent created for the brand Wheat Thins used in Times Square for new product sampling.
A full digital UV Printed 10x10 heavy-duty pop-up tent created for brewery festival at ski resort.

Cideroad - 10x10 Sampling Tent

America's original thirst quencher, CideRoad, required a branded 10x10 canopy tent which could stand up to winters' worst. Our heavy-duty frame is designed for just that. The anodized aluminum (they make satellites out of this stuff) frame was engineered with 43mm octagonal leg profile for ultimate stability. The included spiral stake kit comes with a hammer and straps.

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Pure Raw Juice - 10x10 Branded Tent

Pure Raw Juice took it to the streets in the Baltimore area to grow awareness around their delicious juice blends. Their mobile display consisted of our 10X10 medium duty mightyTENT model with a printed canopy, back wall and table cover.

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The medium-duty pop-up tent with custom back walls created for juice company at product demos.
A 10x15 heavy-duty pop-up tent with full, half walls, countertops, and double flags used for food service by Heavenly Hawgs BBQ, an Atlanta catering company.

Heavenly Hawgs BBQ - 10x15 Food Tent

Heavenly Hawgs BBQ is an Atlanta catering company that needed a food service tent designed specifically to their needs. It had to be heavy-duty for multiple outdoor events, clearly convey their brand, and make food service a snap.

They chose a 10x15 heavy-duty MONARCHTENT tent with full back wall, three half walls, countertop, and double flags. The double flags were a perfect fit for the alluring BBQ message. The countertops and half walls let guests approach and see what food they want to order; pairing them with a slightly lower table keeps food service in the hands of the caterer.

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A 10x20 heavy-duty pop-up concession tent for Beavers Den.

Beavers' Den needed the perfect tent to sell their Spiral Potato Chips. They were headed to carnivals, street fairs, and sporting events all summer long and a plain pop-up tent from a big box store wouldn't cut it.

More than being certified fire resistant, the end result had to have room for all of their fryers and kitchen equipment, and despite being a pop-up tent they needed custom door and custom half walls to close the tent up at night. They matched their al orange brand with peak flags rather than choosing a peak banner.

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A 10x20 heavy-duty pop-up concession tent for Beavers Den.

Here's How To Get Pricing On Your Custom Concession Tent.

What Made In America Means

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Made In America

Some companies throw around the phrase, “Made in America,” pretty loosely in our opinion. Truth be told, more than 95% of the custom tent industry today imports metal frames from overseas and prints the branded canopies in the U.S.

At TentCraft, we choose to control quality, focus on speed, and support American craftsmanship — right here in Northern Michigan. We manufacture all of our aluminum tent frames in house and print the branded canopies in the same facility. All of our custom solutions are setup for a final inspection, then carefully packaged and shipped from our headquarters near Lake Michigan to all corners of the United States.

American made. American sourced. American jobs.

We believe our way is better.

TentCrafters focus on innovation, quality, and customization to better serve our customers. And that results in some obvious and not-so-obvious benefits.

Of course, there’s that good feeling you get supporting good old-fashioned American manufacturing. But when you need a custom tent tailored to your brand and event, you want a team of experts on your side who are all under the same roof. From designing your canopy to figuring out a way to create some off-the-wall structure to really stand out at your next event, our knowledgeable team of sales reps, project managers, creative artists, metal fabricators, printing specialists, and sewing savants collaboratively bring your pie-in-the-sky idea to life.

We Make it here

We Make It Here So We Can Make It Better

Better Protection for your team, brand and investment

Better Features & Accessories to simplify events

Better Customization to support unique ideas and help you stand out

Better Turnaround Times to accommodate changes and last minute opportunities

Better Knowledge & Expertise with Engineering, Art, Print, Sewing, & Metal Machining being under one roof

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