Custom Pop-Up Canopy Tent Counters

Added Functionality for Your Pop-Up Canopy Tent.

From checking in runners for a road race to serving up a cold one at a craft beer festival, adding counters to your custom canopy tent adds another layer of functionality to your event setup. And thanks to TentCraft’s innovative tool-free clamp design, installing counters to the legs of your canopy tent can be done in minutes.

Tent Countertop Specs

Depth: 12 inches

Length: 5 feet; 7.5 feet; 8 feet; 10 feet; 13 feet; and 15 feet

Height: 42 inches (bar height)

Colors: Black or clear stained wood

TentCraft counters come in lengths of 5 feet (perfect for our 5x5 canopy tent!); 7.5 feet (for hex tents); 8 feet; 10 feet; 13 feet; and 15 feet. All but our 5-foot option include a middle leg for additional stability. If you need a counter to run the length of a 10x20, combine two 10-foot counters.

Full Wood Counters

Our wood counters are milled and finished in Northern Michigan, and you’ll think they were prepared by Paul Bunyan himself. Wood counters add the perfect visual contrast to your pop-up tent.

Counter Colors

Our wood tent counters are available in two different finishes, a jet black stain or a clear polyurethane that shows the natural woodgrain. The black counter is paired with a black support bar, but the natural wood counter can be paired with a black or aluminum bar.

Half Walls

Many customers opt to pair their counters with a custom-printed half wall for additional branding — and to hide things like beer kegs and extra product inventory behind the curtain.

How to Install Counter to Tent

Our easy-to-use clamp system allows you to quickly install your counter so you can spend more time focused on drumming up business at events.

After removing your counter from its accessory bag, snap in the legs to the metal bracket. To attach the counter to the tent leg, make sure the metal tabs on each of the clamps are open and align the metal notch on the clamp to the hole in the tent leg. Once aligned, fold the metal tab back to lock your counter in place.

If you need to connect multiple counters, align the tabs found underneath at a 45-degree angle, and then slide them into place.

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