Canopy Tent Hardshell Shipping Case

Hardshell road cases are a great investment if you're on the road a lot or using your tent system multiple times per month. Properly protecting your custom canopy ensures it works time and time again.

Our heavy-duty road cases are custom-built to keep your entire tent — frame and canopy — safe while on the road. Events are demanding, and hard transport road cases help protect your investment during both transport and storage.

Shipping Your Custom Canopy in a Hardshell Case

TentCraft hardshell cases are ATA-300 Category 1 approved, meaning the case is certified to withstand normal handling associated with common carrier shipments, i.e., truck, airplane, and boat, for 100 trips. Reach out to our team to discuss more specific shipping needs.

Here's How To Get Pricing On Your Hardshell Transportation Case