Custom Tents for Police & Fire Departments

Whether fire crews need protection during a high-pressure situation or a police department needs a pop-up tent that helps them engage with the public at a county fair, TentCraft manufactures heavy-duty custom tents and structures that first responders can trust to hold up for a long time and look really good.

The TentCraft team of experts has helped countless police and fire departments across the country design tents mostly geared toward community engagement, but also for protection and work-related applications. We can help solve your challenge and come up with a custom solution that fits your needs and budget.

Fire department hosts community engagement event

Police & Fire Departments Reviews

Police and fire departments trust TentCraft because of our dedication to building the highest quality custom tents and structures on the market, and our commitment to offering best-in-class customer service. Read more reviews as you continue your search for custom tents for your department.

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American-Made, Custom Solutions Fire & Police Departments Can Rely On

TentCraft is a veteran-owned company that manufactures all of its tents — frames and custom-printed canopies — in the United States; our competition imports their frames from overseas, mostly from China. As masters of our craft, we’re committed to providing important fire and police departments with the highest-quality pop-up tents and accessories to ensure a safe and fun learning experience.

Police & Fire Community Engagement Tents

Police and fire departments understand the importance of community engagement. It establishes relationships and builds trust between the public and our first responders.

A custom-printed pop-up tent is one of the best ways to stand out at an event, hand out educational materials, and talk with the residents you’ve chosen to protect. Most departments opt for a custom 10x10 tent, but our team can help you come up a solution that best fits your needs.

Colorado Springs police department community engagement tent
Rendering of a triage tent

Heavy-Duty Tents During Fire Events

Many fire departments across the country have trusted TentCraft to manufacture a heavy-duty tent that can be used at the site of a fire because they can be deployed quickly and can provide shelter from the weather. This is especially helpful for large fires where crews need to take shifts battling the blaze. Our tents can also be used for triage in the event of injuries.

Custom Structures Your Department Needs

Wondering how TentCraft solutions can solve your department’s unique problem? Our team is made up of top-notch engineers and imaginative artists who can help you dream up a custom structure and make it a reality.

TentCraft Industrial Designer Works on Custom Project

Custom Tents for Police & Fire Departments FAQs

  • Are your police and fire department tents wind rated?
  • All TentCraft heavy-duty pop-up tents (MONARCHTENT models), in addition to our E-Series frame tents, come with a certified wind rating from an actual engineering firm. Don’t believe us? Here’s the wind rating document for our 20’x20’ E-Series Event Tent.

  • When should I host a fire safety event?
  • National Fire Prevention Week is annually held the week leading up to Oct. 9, in commemoration of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Anytime in the fall is a great time to promote fire safety, as the temperatures begin to drop and people are more tempted to use things like space heaters in their homes.

  • What is the best tent for a police department looking to attend community engagement events?
  • Most police officers can get away with a medium-duty pop-up tent. We call our version mightyTENT. It’s light enough for one person to setup, but robust enough to endure unpredictable weather. If you think you’ll be using your tent dozens of times throughout the year, our heavy-duty tent is probably a better option. Our tent — we call it MONARCHTENT — comes with a lifetime frame warranty, giving you the confidence to invest in a solution that will hold up to the toughest of weather and conditions.

  • What are TentCraft custom pop-ups tents made of?
  • TentCraft custom pop-up tents are made with a strong, lightweight aluminum frame. We use a proprietary 600 denier polyester called Duranti for our canopies that can be completely customized.

  • Are TentCraft tents fire certified?
  • Both MONARCHTENT & mightyTENT meet the requirements of flame resistance established by the state of California, which is the strictest in the nation. View the Certification

TentCraft has Your Department Covered

Community engagement and public education are critically important to the overall success of a police and fire department. And while a high-quality, custom tent may play a small role in that mission, you don’t want to waste precious time each year replacing cheap tents. Our team can help you seamlessly create a tent that stands out and lasts a really long time, allowing you to focus on your department’s goals. Send us a quote request today.

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