Custom Printed Table Covers for Events & Trade Shows

A table is an inanimate object, yes. But that doesn't mean it can't have its own sense of style. Some tables prefer the "fitted" look, while others are into the classic, comfortable style - and some aren't afraid to show off those curves!

TentCraft fabricates and prints custom table covers to make your brand look extra professional at its next big event. Fitted and stretch table covers include a rear zipper, creating a hidden under-the-table storage area. Explore our different options, or reach out to our event experts with any questions. Click to view table cover specs.

- Fitted

- Stretch

- Traditional (Throw)

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Custom Printing

Eco-Friendly Printing Technology


Available in 4', 6', 8'


Knit, Polyester, Stretch & Vinyl


Starting at $225

Table Cover Options


Fitted table covers display a clean, crisp, squared-off appearance for your brand. Features integrated zipper on back of table cover for fitted look. This style can be created in vinyl, which is an excellent option for sampling events.


Our stretch fit table cover model is printed on our PowerStretch material, and delivers a clean, wrinkle-free display for your logo or other printed graphics.

Traditional (Throw)

When you’re looking for more of a classic table throw or table cover. We can print any color or graphic combination you need.

Trade Show Table Covers

Investing in a branded table cover for a trade show is a strategic investment that leaves a lasting impression on potential clients and partners.

A branded table cover not only enhances the visual appeal of your booth but also communicates credibility and consistency, making your company more memorable and trustworthy. It serves as a powerful tool to convey your brand's message and values, creating a cohesive and impactful presence that sets you apart in the competitive trade show landscape.

Table Covers for Trade Shows

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