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Build A Custom Trade Show Tent With Logo

Trade shows are essential for many industries as they provide a platform for businesses to network and showcase their products and services to potential customers.

At TentCraft, we believe investing in a super-durable custom canopy tent with logo is the perfect recipe to create a lasting impression, whether the show is indoors or outside.

TentCraft is a Traverse City, Michigan-based company that specializes in creating high-quality, American-made custom pop up trade show booths and all of those other event assets, like a table throw or fabric displays. With nearly two decades of experience, TentCraft has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of the best trade show tents that cater to individual preferences and unique branding requirements.

Let us help you find a new trade show pop-up tent display for your next event!

Most Popular Trade Show Display Structures

10x10 Trade Show Tent

A 10x10 trade show booth space is the most common footprint. If your indoor or outdoor trade show allows structures, like tents, we manufacture a variety of tent designs that stand out and offer protection for your people and brand.

For indoor shows with height restrictions, we recommend the MONARCHFLATROOF. For outdoor events, you can’t go wrong with the MONARCHTENT Standard Peak, which boasts the highest peak in the industry plus the free option to add a peak flag.

10x20 Trade Show Tent

When brands want a larger presence at trade shows, many opt for a 10x20 footprint, which doubles their square footage from a traditional 10x10.

When tents aren’t an option, many companies rely on heavy-duty truss structures, which can be configured in a variety of ways with full custom printing.

The larger tent not only allows for more branding real estate, it can also be used to store products or host private meetings.

Custom Printed Dome

TentCraft’s custom event dome is the perfect way to make a big splash at your next trade show.

Measuring in at a 20-foot diameter and fully printed, the geodesic event dome also offers brands the opportunity for a unique activation to showcase products or host private meeting space.

Brands that have invested in TentCraft’s custom dome include the U.S. Airforce,, and Traverse City Whiskey Co.

3D Media Wall Display

Media wall displays are great at highlighting information about your brand, but 3D displays bring an activation of that information to life.

Our team of engineers and designers has come up with a system to make media wall hardware and custom-printed softgoods into an activation that’s inviting and engaging.

Better yet, you can combine your 3D media wall with a pop-up tent structure for a unique activation that’s versatile for your industry.

Custom Truss Display

Our lightweight, snap-together aluminum truss structures allow you to imagine any type of trade show setup, no matter the size.

And when combined with custom-printed fabric, you can literally create any type of event activation.

The most common applications include backdrops, entrances, and indoor or outdoor interactive exhibits. Additionally, TentCraft customers frequently combine a custom pop-up tent with their truss structure for a unique and versatile setup.

Learn More About Truss

Inflatable Tents for Trade Shows

With full-custom printing and super-fast setup times, inflatable tents can be an ideal option for businesses exhibiting at trade shows. They're big, colorful, and look really unique — and we think that's the perfect combination to stand out at your next show.

Our GYBE inflatable tent sets up in less than 5 minutes and can be done by a single person. Unlike cheaper inflatable tents, our custom tents do not require a continuous fan. That's important at trade shows, where it can be tricky to hear conversations.

We offer our inflatable tents in four sizes: 10x10, 13x13, 17x17, and 20x20.

Learn More About Inflatable Tents


Ideal when space is confined or you need to set up quickly, the MONARCHSTALL is great for handing out samples, or simply engaging event attendees.

We love this market stall because it 1) can easily fit in the trunk of a car, and 2) offers an incredible amount of branding real estate. Our team of designers and print operators can help you maximize your custom printing space with the message your brand wants to deliver.

In addition to using it as a stall to greet event attendees, the back of the MONARCHSTALL an double as an interactive backdrop — perfect for encouraging attendees to take a photo in front of share on their social media accounts.


Must-Have Trade Show Booth Accessory Assets

Flag Options

Enhance your trade show activation by attracting attendees with a variety of custom-printed flags. TentCrafat prints, cuts, and fabricates four main styles of flags, in addition to our extra-large Flagstand XL that stands 18 feet tall.

Custom Table Covers

Don’t opt for the boring white table cover. Invest in a fully-printed, high-quality custom table cover with your brand’s logo on it. Our table covers can be ordered as a fitted, stretch, or throw cover.

Foam Core Signs

Foam core signs are great for directing attendees, or advertising your products or services. TentCraft prints and cuts a variety of sizes, from tabletop signs, to large signs that stand 6.5 feet tall. Need a custom shape to really stand out? We can handle that, too.

How Much Do TentCraft Trade Show Tents Cost?

The price of your trade show tent depends on the size, canopy style, and amount of printing and accessories. On average, most businesses invest at least $2,500 into your tent. If this amount is too much beyond your budget, we may not be a good fit. Learn more about TentCraft costs.

What Makes a Good Trade Show Tent?

A good trade show tent needs to be functional, durable, and visually appealing. Consider the following when shopping for your tent:

  • Custom: From sizes to canopy styles, you want your tent to stand out in a sea of boring white tents.

  • Durable: If you’re at an outdoor trade show, you need protection from the wind and unexpected weather elements. You also need it to be so strong that there’s no guessing it’s going to work every time you set it up and tear it down.

  • Portable: You need to find that perfect balance of weight — you want it heavy enough to stand up to tough winds — and portability. TentCraft ships its tents with an innovative wheel kit that makes lugging around a 100 lbs. tent quite easy.

See The Custom Tents of The 2023 Sea Otter Classic

TentCraft manufactured more than 20 custom tents and structures for customers in the cycling industry to exhibit at the 2023 Life Time Sea Otter Classic — one of the most popular cycling trade shows in the U.S. The tents varied in size and design because standing out at this trade show is critically important.

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