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MasterTent beats grizzly bear into submission.

08/22/2017 / by Joey DiFranco / Tents, Quality

So no, we didn’t actually subject a real bear to the risky endeavor of fighting a MasterTent but we did write that headline to prove a point. If you’re looking for a tough tent, they don’t come any tougher than the MasterTent. Besides the fact you can literally hang from the scissor pieces of the canopy, the MasterTent has plenty of tricks up its sleeve: HEAVY DUTY FRAME: MasterTent frames are...

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In talking with our customers, we realize the world of buying a tent can get incredibly complicated very quickly. Talking to multiple potential vendors, receiving a wide range of quotes, being unsure how to make a decision, are all par for the course. We want to help make your custom tent buying experience better and more transparent. The tents you order represent your brand to your customers and you should be able to make an informed decision on purchasing while having an enjoyable experience. ...

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TentCraft Launches Partnership With Taste the Local Difference

04/06/2017 / by Shelby Oredson / Culture, Inspiration, TentCraft Outdoor

When I first started working at TentCraft over a year ago, I didn't think my new employer could get any cooler. We played Ping-Pong on our breaks, sculpted with Playdoh during creative brainstorms, and cracked cold ones on Friday afternoons. Some time later, we started TentCraft Outdoor, an internal program that gives employees the chance to rent paddleboards, kayaks, and snowshoes free of charge their northern Michigan excursions, because health, wellness, and the great outdoors are three of our favorite things. It seemed as though I had...

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Easy, No-Fail Solutions to Your Outdoor Marketing Woes

03/06/2017 / by Shelby Oredson / Tents

Identifying the right pop-up tent for your business isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world, especially if you're looking for something custom. One glance at the pop-up tent industry and you'll find that the options are endless. What frame type should you choose? What kind of printing process do you prefer? How do you want your tent configured? One wall? Two walls? Three walls and a door? What size tent do you need? I could go on, but I think you get the point. Tents are overwhelming, and there's a dizzying...

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Custom Tents - More Than a Commodity

01/30/2017 / by Tentcraft / Event Marketing, General, Tents

As a member of TentCraft's Inside Sales team, I'm often reminded that our event tents and structures aren't the most budget-friendly on the market. Accordingly, my conversations often center on why making a greater initial investment with TentCraft can ensure deadlines are met and help avoid additional costs down the road for things like replacement parts, canopies, and entire tents. This often leads to a brief discussion surrounding brands and commodities. ...

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TentCrafters Spotlight | Chip Kohler

11/18/2016 / by Shelby Oredson / Tents

Today we're kicking off a brand new blog series called TentCrafters Spotlight, a Q & A forum that introduces you to a member of the TentCraft family. This month, we're featuring Chip Kohler, a charismatic sewing specialist who, according to our Quality and Safety Manager, Jeff Turner, has "Rock. Hard. Calves..." Chip's been a TentCrafter for five fruitful years, and we wouldn't be the same without him! ...

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Winter is Coming: Warm Up With TentCraft

11/04/2016 / by Shelby Oredson / Tents

As a Minnesota native and current resident of Michigan, I know the misery of winter. I know what it's like to scrape shards of ice off your windshield at the ass-crack of dawn. I know how it feels to stand at the gas station, quivering in your snow boots while you fill your tank. And I know where to go when snow falls so copiously it covers the tops of stop signs. Hint: bed. You go to bed. Nobody...

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Case Study: The Rustic MASTERTENT

10/25/2016 / by Shelby Oredson / Tents

WHO'D WE HELP? CreekFire Motor Ranch, a 105-acre RV campground oasis in Savannah, GA. WHAT'D THEY NEED? To promote their brand onsite and across the surrounding Savannah area, CreekFire Motor Ranch was looking for an affordable pop-up tent that could get the job done. Initially, they told...

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TentCrafters: Taking Your Tailgate Game to a Whole New Level

10/14/2016 / by Megan Ruediger / Tents

It's football season, which means it's time to pack the cooler, load up the car, and head to your nearest stadium parking lot to eat, drink, and be merry. Tailgating is to football what beer is to burgers — you can't have one without the other. And with nearly 50 million tailgaters spread around the country, we've come a long way in our pregame fandom. What started as a Civil War tradition (it's true. Look it up),...

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