Why TentCraft

About TentCraft

We are rooted in humility, hard work, fun and a little weirdness. American craftsmanship drives our mission to Make it Better — for businesses, brands, and agencies. We focus on continually improving three facets of our organization to serve you better—SPEED, QUALITY, and CUSTOMIZATION.

Have a crazy idea? Want to do something new that you're not finding on our site? Give us a shot, we never back down from a new idea, and we revel in a challenge! Let's build something together.


A significant advantage of doing everything in-house is the ability to control the entire project life cycle. We are optimized for speed. We source our product ingredients internally, which allows us to deliver on tight project timelines. But we’re not just fast for the sake of being fast. Quality takes center stage, ensuring your final deliverable is always world-class.


The market is flooded with cheaply made, poor quality tents and event solutions. We exist to offer something better. We believe that you deserve outdoor event solutions that are battle-tested to handle frequent use and the many harsh challenges presented in the fast-paced world of event marketing. Quality is our cornerstone and is firmly planted in the driver's seat of everything we do.


Bring us your napkin sketches, crazy ideas, and off-the-wall challenges. Odds are, we've done it or something similar in the past. Our team of knowledgeable sales reps and project managers, creative artists, metal fabricators, printing experts and sewing savants exist to bring your wildest outdoor event marketing ideas to life!


The “TentCraft Promise” is simple. It’s a declaration that we (TentCraft) want to enter a domestic partnership with you (amazing client.) We pledge to do whatever it takes to make our “long distance romance” work (even if you decide you want to study abroad for a semester and we know you kissed Fabrizio in Venice.) We’ll even change our Facebook status to “in a relationship” if you want us to… When you purchase a tent from us, it might as well be a wedding ring. For better or for worse, in sickness and in health, we will deliver the highest level of quality and client service because we think you deserve that.

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Meet the Team

It should be no surprise that one of our guiding principles is Fun & A Little Weirdness. Click on the button below a team member to release their inner-self. You’ll quickly see that many of us aren’t shy when it comes to embracing our weirdness.