Heavy Duty Custom Canopy Pop-Up Tents

MONARCHTENT Collection: Made In USA

Eight adults hang from the frame of a heavy duty custom canopy pop-up tent manufactured by TentCraft.

MONARCHTENT is a collection of heavy-duty custom pop-up tents made in the USA that gives your brand the attention it deserves.

MONARCHTENT is not what you find at the big box store. It's what you replace those cheap solutions with after multiple failures caused by nasty weather and constant use. This professional, commercial-grade pop-up tent system lasts a ridiculously long time (backed by a lifetime warranty!) and stands out in a sea of boring tents, thanks to our seven different canopy designs.

Unlike our competitors, we manufacture the MONARCHTENT canopy frame right here in the USA (Traverse City, Michigan, to be precise), allowing us to control quality instead of outsourcing it.

Heavy Duty Custom Canopy Pop-Up Tents

MONARCHTENT Collection: Made In USA

MONARCHTENT is a collection of heavy-duty custom pop-up tents made in the USA that gives your brand the attention it deserves.

MONARCHTENT is not what you find at the big box store. It's what you replace those cheap solutions with after multiple failures caused by nasty weather and constant use. This professional, commercial-grade pop-up tent system lasts a ridiculously long time (backed by a lifetime warranty!) and stands out in a sea of boring tents, thanks to our seven different canopy designs.

Unlike our competitors, we manufacture the MONARCHTENT canopy frame right here in the USA (Traverse City, Michigan, to be precise), allowing us to control quality instead of outsourcing it.

3-5 Day Turntimes
Veteran Owned
Lifetime Warranty

Explore the MONARCHTENT Heavy-Duty Framework

A heavy-duty aluminum frame with an easy push-button release system.

A Super-Strong Pop-Up Tent for Event Protection

Call it a pop-up tent or a canopy — we think of MONARCHTENT as event armor, designed to protect your brand, your people, and your investment.

Unpredictable weather? No problem. This heavy-duty canopy tent comes with certified wind ratings by an actual engineering firm. Need to stand out in a crowd? We got you. Our heavy-duty pop-up tent comes in more than a dozen different sizes and layouts, and our in-house art team can guarantee your custom-printed canopy attracts event attendees your way. Frequent tent user? Perfect. We put so much trust in our American craftsmanship that MONARCHTENT includes a lifetime frame warranty.

A custom canopy this strong requires the proper gear to stand the test of time. That's why we include an all-weather transport bag, heavy-duty staking kit, and more. Explore our lineup of tent accessories.

Ready to experience a professional canopy? Request a quote for your custom solution.

A MONARCHTENT Case, wheels, stake kit, and Peak Flag

What's Included?

  • Heavy Duty, All-Aluminum Framework
  • Heavy-Duty Spiral Staking Kit
  • Precision-Fit All-Weather Canopy
  • Certified Wind Ratings
  • All-Weather Transport Bag
  • Multiple Head Clearance Options
  • Peak Flag/Peak Banner with Printing
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty

Who Do We Work With?

From our production facility in Northern Michigan, we manufacture and sell custom tents, pop-up structures, and signage to support outdoor events and experiences across North America.

About half of our business is with experiential marketing agencies and bigger brands; the other half is made up of smaller brands and organizations, like nonprofits, restaurants, breweries, cannabis companies, municipalities, schools and universities, sports teams, healthcare organizations, construction companies, and many other industries.

Ready to add your brand's logo to our list? Reach out to our team and let's start planning your custom project.

Is MONARCHTENT Right for Me?

We’re the first people to say MONARCHTENT isn’t for everyone. While everyone wants a professional-grade canopy, not everyone is ready to make this level of investment in their business. The MONARCHTENT collection is for people who…

  •   Expect durability that comes with a lifetime frame warranty and 7-year canopy warranty
  •   Look for something different to help their brand stand out.
  •   Run or work for an experiential marketing agency trusted to represent a world-class brand experience.
  •   Want something that’s customizable and heavy duty.
  •   Utilize pop-up tents as their main footprint for their business.
  •   Have inexperienced users setting tents up and need something battle-tested.
  •   Works for an organization with a lengthy purchasing process and can’t afford to start all over again.
  •   Needs better protection against costly or time-consuming damages.
  •   Are comfortable spending at least $2,498 for a custom-printed, heavy-duty pop-up tent.
  •   Experienced the frustration and regret of having to replace a cheaper solution.
  •   Set up in regions with heavy winds and rain.
  •   Don’t have the time or patience to deal with pop-up tents breaking easily.
  •   Set up tents several times a month or year.
  •   Work with a short timeline and need something fast.
  •   Need something that can be tailored to a specific use application, like food service, product display, drive-through, etc.
  •   Needs a non-standard head clearance.
  •   Focuses on a strong ROI when they purchase assets for clients or their own business.

We're the Quality Leader - Not the Price Leader

Instead of continually looking for a cheaper tent that’s manufactured by a third-party factory overseas, we choose to build everything in-house. This allows us to push the envelope of durability, ease of use, and longevity for all of our event solutions. We’re the quality leader—and we believe that investing in quality is cheaper in the long run. Our customers share this philosophy, especially because many have experienced the frustration and regret of going the cheaper route and wasting both time and money trying to find a replacement.


MONARCHTENT features an anodized aluminum frame and anodized aluminum connectors for ultimate durability. What started as a heavy-duty 10x10 pop-up tent has grown into a collection of custom canopy designs and sizes, all of which can be tailored to your exact needs.

Heavy-Duty Canopy Designs

At TentCraft, we understand the importance of standing out at an event. That’s why we’ve designed and handcrafted a collection of canopy designs. Explore our different styles and find something that fits with your brand.

Renderings of canopy designs across the heavy-duty MONARCHTENT collection.


You can’t go wrong with a classic design, but our standard MONARCHTENT is anything but traditional. In addition to its heavy-duty framework, you’re investing in a pop-up tent with an 11’10’’ peak height — the highest peak in its class.

Starting at: $2,349 (10x10)

Sizes: 5x5; 5x10; 8x8; 10x10; 10x15;10x20; 13x13; 15x15; 13x26; 10x30.

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Rendering of a MONARCHTENT Standard Peak
10x10 MONARCHTENT with Backwall


Ideal for indoor and outdoor events, MONARCHFLATROOF is a versatile and unique pop-up tent designed for vendors who often face height restrictions. When height isn’t an issue, attach a custom peak flag or banner to stand out better at events.

Starting at: $1,999 (10x10)

Sizes: 5x5; 5x10; 10x10; 10x15;10x20; 13x13; 15x15; 13x26; 15x15.

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MONARCHFLATROOF as a concert state cover
fully enclosed MONARCHFLATROOF for Bubly


Also known as a pagoda marquee tent, the MONARCHREACH provides an extra 18” overhang of shade and additional branding real estate, making it a popular choice for farmers markets. Like all of our heavy-duty models, MONARCHREACH includes a free, custom-printed peak flag.

Starting at: $3,359 (10x10)

Sizes: 10x10; 10x15;10x20; 13x26

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MONARCHREACH at festival
MONARCHREACH for Ford test drive event


For those who want the appearance and durability of a frame tent, but the ease of setup of a pop-up tent, MONARCHGABLE is an attractive option. Our MONARCHGABLE has been used as an innovative drive-thru canopy, in addition to a free sample booth in Times Square.

Starting at: $2,699 (10x10)

Sizes: 10x10; 10x15;10x20; 13x26.

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MONARCHGABLE free sample booth in Times Square
MONARCHGABLE with Mountain Dew rigid signage and drive-thru tent


The MONARCHSTOREFRONT is a 2-in-1 design that gives businesses versatility depending on the location of their event. You can set up the tent to feature a large billboard with ample real estate for branding or push the tall, flat side against a wall for a striking branded slope. Whatever you choose, your custom event canopy will definitely stick out in a crowd of plain tents.

Starting at: $2,649 (10x10)

Sizes:10x10; 10x20

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The MONARCHHEX is a heavy-duty hexagon-shaped pop-up tent solution for outdoor events and experiences. It's perfect when you need to fill a large space and stand out in the process.

Starting at: $4,699

Sizes:: 13x15, 13x22, x13x30

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Rendering of the top of a MONARCHHEX
MONARCHHEX for Commonwealth Alt Care
MONARCHHEX for a career fair.


An easy-to-transport market stall built to generate face-to-face conversations, our heavy-duty MONARCHSTALL is the pop-up canopy tent redefined. Designed for its portability and ease of use, the MONARCHSTALL is for event power users who deal with smaller event footprints but need plenty of branding real estate.

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Features & Benefits: What's Included with MONARCHTENT

When you invest in MONARCHTENT, you’re purchasing an entire system handcrafted with American ingenuity and backed up by a lifetime warranty. We don’t just say MONARCHTENT is the toughest pop-up canopy on the market — we prove it with these heavy-duty features:

Precision-Fit, All-Weather Canopy

A custom Pop-up Tent in the winter

Any color. Any graphic. TentCraft prints all of its custom tents using dye-sublimation technology, which allows the canopy to absorb the ink and become part of the fabric. As a result, the print cannot be damaged with wear and it won’t crack or peel.

Heavy-Duty-All-Aluminum Framework

A heavy-duty pop-up tent is a professional, commercial-grade structure manufactured with an all-aluminum frame. Because aluminum is a third of the weight of steel, we can manufacture a nearly-indestructible tent frame with higher-gauge legs that doesn’t weigh hundreds of pounds.

The aluminum we fabricate at our production facility in Traverse City, Michigan is anodized — an electrical process that enhances the surface of the metal. As a result, our tent frames will NEVER rust.

In terms of hardness, anodized aluminum is second only to diamonds.

Transport & Patented Wheel Kit

While aluminum is lighter than steel, our custom pop-up tents are no slouch in the weight department. To make transportation easier to and from events, we include our all-weather transport bag and patented all-terrain wheel kit.

In a matter of seconds, one person can wheel a tent weighing over 100 lbs. to an event location without worrying about the risk of puncture.

Custom-Printed Peak Flag/Banner

Standing out at events is important. So, in addition to manufacturing a heavy-duty pop-up tent with the highest peak height in the industry, we take it a step further by including a custom-printed peak flag or banner, depending on the size of your tent.

When installed, the peak flag brings your tent’s height to 17’2” — more than 7 feet taller than most pop-up tents in the industry.

The peak flag and peak banner, which is compatible with the entire MONARCHTENT lineup, adds more branding opportunities to your tent and ensures event attendees can always spot your setup.

Heavy Duty Spiral Staking Kit

Staking your pop-up tent into the ground is always preferred to take full advantage of maximum wind ratings. To that end, we include a heavy-duty spiral staking kit for quick ballasting.

Learn more about how to anchor your canopy tent and how much weight is needed for a 10x10, our most popular size.

Certified Wind Ratings

Most pop-up canopy tents on the market today don’t include certified wind ratings, but that’s not the case with the TentCraft MONARCHTENT. Our 10x10 MONARCHTENT, when properly ballasted, comes with a certified wind rating of 35 mph. Those ratings are adjusted with the size of your tent and as you add things like walls to the structure, which adds wind resistance.

Lifetime Frame Warranty

All MONARCHTENT models include a lifetime frame warranty to protect you against workmanship and manufacturing defects. Additionally, the fabric canopy comes with a prorated 7-year warranty. If something happens outside of your warranty, give us a call and we’ll work with you!

Completely Custom

The beauty of investing in a TentCraft MONARCHTENT is that your tent doesn’t exist today. Unlike most canopy tent companies on the market, TentCraft follows a build-to-order business model, which means your tent frame is sitting on a shelf collecting dust. We wait for your order to roll in and can typically turn it around in 3-5 days.

You can completely customize every aspect of your tent — from the color of the frame to the number of walls and counters, to the custom-printed canopy design.

Sound overwhelming? Don’t worry. Our team of tent experts can walk you through the entire process. And our art team can help design the tent of your dreams!

Optional: Black Legs

Black frames are a unique option to customize your pop up tent and help your brand stand out. Most companies only offer frames in clear. Because we make our frames in-house, we’re able to offer both standard (clear) and black anodized aluminum frames.


Take your custom tent to the next level with our growing number of accessories:


Maxis Custom Event Tent

We all love an open breeze, but custom tent walls can transform your tent setup. Our fleet of digital printers can handle numerous substrates and print methods. We can print on mesh walls, clear vinyl walls, sidewalls with windows, walls with doors, and walls with zippers. Have another idea? Run it by our team and we most likely can figure it out.

Explore Tent Walls


An example of a MONARCHTENT with Counters

Whether you’re serving beverages or food samples or simply want a perimeter around your tent, our custom counters add a touch of professionalism and function to your tent. The tool-free design makes it easy to set up and take down, cutting down on installation time and any maintenance issues down the road.

Explore Tent Counters


an example of monarchtent footplates

Need to ballast your tent on concrete or asphalt? TentCraft’s custom footplates are made of recycled cast iron and are the perfect solution to protect you and your tent from high winds. Each 50-pound footplate comes as two pieces for easy transportation. When you combine the two pieces together around each leg of your pop-up tent, you have enough weight to confidently use your tent without worrying about it blowing away.

Explore Tent Footplates

LED Lights

an Example of a Lighting Kit

Make your MONARCHTENT glow in the dark with our LED light kit. If you’re running events that creep into the evening, you’ll want to invest in a high-quality light kit to keep operations running smoothly.

Explore Tent Light Kits


an example of a heater for a monarchtent

Keep your MONARCHTENT nice and toasty warm in the winter by attaching our 1,500-watt heater. It attaches to the center pole and comes with clamps for easy installation.

Explore Tent Heating Kits

Heavy-Duty Roller Case

an example of a MONARCHTENT Transport Case

For premium protection and storage, our hardshell roller case is the perfect solution for agencies and major brands that need to transport their custom structures to multiple locations throughout the year..

Explore Tent Hardshell Cases

Add-Ons: Signage & More

Waiakea custom Monarch event Tent

Complete your entire event setup with TentCraft. We can custom print rigid signage, table covers, event flags, and more. Reach out to our team to start customizing your project.

Explore All Event Signage

MONARCHFLAG: A Super-Tough, Extra-Large Event Flag

MONARCHFLAG is an extra-large, custom-printed event flag that's built on the same heavy-duty framework as our MONARCHTENT.

Standing at 16.5-feet tall, MONARCHFLAG is strong enough to sustain 35 mph winds when properly ballasted.

If you're looking for the perfect complement to your heavy-duty canopy tent, learn more about MONARCHFLAG — and never be missed at an event again.


What Made In America Means

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Made In America

Some companies throw around the phrase, “Made in America,” pretty loosely in our opinion. Truth be told, more than 95% of the custom tent industry today imports metal frames from overseas and prints the branded canopies in the U.S.

At TentCraft, we choose to control quality, focus on speed, and support American craftsmanship — right here in Northern Michigan. We manufacture all of our aluminum tent frames in house and print the branded canopies in the same facility. All of our custom solutions are setup for a final inspection, then carefully packaged and shipped from our headquarters near Lake Michigan to all corners of the United States.

American made. American sourced. American jobs.

We believe our way is better.

TentCrafters focus on innovation, quality, and customization to better serve our customers. And that results in some obvious and not-so-obvious benefits.

Of course, there’s that good feeling you get supporting good old-fashioned American manufacturing. But when you need a custom tent tailored to your brand and event, you want a team of experts on your side who are all under the same roof. From designing your canopy to figuring out a way to create some off-the-wall structure to really stand out at your next event, our knowledgeable team of sales reps, project managers, creative artists, metal fabricators, printing specialists, and sewing savants collaboratively bring your pie-in-the-sky idea to life.

We Make it here

We Make It Here So We Can Make It Better

Better Protection for your team, brand and investment

Better Features & Accessories to simplify events

Better Customization to support unique ideas and help you stand out

Better Turnaround Times to accommodate changes and last minute opportunities

Better Knowledge & Expertise with Engineering, Art, Print, Sewing, & Metal Machining being under one roof

Rendering of Monarch Knolling

Featured Resources

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Pop Up Tent Wind Ratings

TentCraft is the only company that includes certified wind ratings with its heavy-duty pop-up tents.

How Much Weight Is Needed to Hold Down a 10x10 Tent?

Ballasting (or anchoring) a tent is an important aspect when dealing with heavy-duty canopies.

Canopy Anchor Ideas For Your Heavy-Duty Tent

A heavy-duty canopy tent is only as good as its ballasting. Learn how to secure your tent.

MONARCHTENT Set-Up Instructions

While smaller-sized MONARCHTENT pop-ups can be raised with one person, it's always easier to have an extra hand to ensure everything is properly set up. Tents that are 10x15 and larger definitely need at least two people to set up safely. Watch the video to learn how to properly set up your MONARCHTENT.

10 x 10 MONARCHTENT Setup

PDF Resources

Fire Certification


Veteran Owned

Wind Ratings

Request a Quote for Your MONARCHTENT

TentCraft Reviews & Case Studies

Whether you’re an agency who needs help with custom experiential fabrication or just need a pop up tent with a logo—the reputation of who you choose to work with is paramount. Do they have experience and examples of projects within your vertical? What about examples of situations where something went wrong? How did they make it right? A big part of any brand’s reputation is shaped by customer feedback and reviews. Here’s what our customers have to say about their experience working with TentCraft.


  • How much does MONARCHTENT cost?
  • MONARCHTENT starts at $2,599 and goes up based on size, configuration, and custom printing needs.

  • How much does MONARCHTENT weigh?
  • A MONARCHTENT weighs about 75lbs for a 10x10 with the canopy. The weight obviously goes up with the size of your tent.

  • How many people does it take to set up MONARCHTENT?
  • A 10x10 MONARCHTENT can be set up by one person, but it’s significantly easier with an extra set of hands. A larger MONARCHTENT requires two to four people to set up due to the weight.

  • How much wind can MONARCHTENT handle?
  • A 10x10 MONARCHTENT is wind rated at 35 mph when properly ballasted. Wind ratings vary based on your tent setup. A 10x10 with three sidewalls, for instance, has a lower wind rating because the walls create more friction against the wind.

  • What type of UV protection does MONARCHTENT offer?
  • The MONARCHTENT canopy is made from a proprietary material called Duranti, which is UV-resistant. In other words, you’re safe from the sun when under the canopy.

  • How will my MONARCHTENT ship?
  • Every MONARCHTENT ships in a heavy-duty bag with an integrated wheel kit for safe and easy transport. Your tent’s printed peak flag, stake kit, and instructions are also carefully packed in the box. MONARCHTENT typically ships via a ground shipping method, but if you’re ordering weighted footplates, it will require a freight delivery due to the weight.