Custom Sports Team Brand Activations & Team Tents

TentCraft manufactures team tents and custom brand activations for sports teams, from high school to college, all the way up to the professional ranks.

Because our solutions are American-made, we control the entire manufacturing process. That means quality and durability is always top of mind. That's especially important for our high school and college team tent customers, who rely on our heavy-duty canopy tents to not just last one season — but for several seasons.

TentCraft really gets to flex its muscles on the pro sports side of the athletics business. Because we work with some of the world's most recognized brands, we understand the importance of creating a major brand activation event. We've worked the biggest stages, from the Super Bowl to the NCAA National Championship Game, and can quickly turn around custom-printed media walls, banners, and backdrops that bring your event to life.

Explore our specific sports pages to learn more about each segment.

Custom Sports Solutions for Colleges and Universities

If you can dream it, we can build it! TentCraft works with a number of universities on out-of-this-world custom tents and structures that not only stand out at your biggest sporting events, but also provide temporary and semi-permanent protection for your athletes.

semi-permanent structure for EMU women's soccer team

Custom-Printed Keder Frame Tents for Max Protection

Eastern Michigan University's Women's soccer team needed a semi-permanent frame tent for home matches.

Atlanta Braves fan engagement setup

Heavy-Duty Pop-Up for Fan Engagement

The Atlanta Braves trusted TentCraft's heavy-duty MONARCHTENT for an activation outside Truist Park.

CFL truss entrance

Custom Truss Entrance + Rigid Signage for Sporting Events

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers invested in a custom truss entrance with rigid signage for a creative players entrance to the field.

Customize Your Fan Experience Events

Create an unforgettable experience for your most devoted supporters, showcasing your appreciation with engaging interactions such as photo opportunities, watch parties, pop-up shops, or even a complete town takeover.

Utilize our event assets, including custom printed tents, structures, signs, and more, to build these experiences from the ground up.

University Ditches Rentals For Shoebox Tent

Fresh off a new sponsorship backed by Lebron James and Nike, the Florida A&M University Rattlers wanted to make a big splash for its VIP fan experience near the end zone inside Bragg Memorial Stadium. They had previously rented generic white tents and needed something that would stand out.

The university turned to TentCraft. Learn how they settled on a custom, bright-orange shoebox tent that totally transformed their stadium on football Saturdays.

Heavy-Duty Track & Cross Country Team Tents

No sports team depends on heavy-duty canopy tents more than track and cross country teams.

Track athletes are familiar with the challenges of competing in unpredictable weather, including rain, strong wind, and snow. These conditions are uncomfortable, cold, and hinder their performance. Even on days with pleasant weather, athletes still face the draining effect of the sun's rays.

For elite track and cross country teams, finding shelter from inclement weather and seeking necessary shade is essential. Trust TentCraft to build a heavy-duty tent that lasts a REALLY long time and stands out at the big meets.

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