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Custom Team Tents & Pro Sports Media Backdrops

TentCraft manufactures custom team tents and custom media walls for all sports teams, from middle and high school programs all the way up to the professional ranks.

Because our solutions are American-made, we control the entire manufacturing process. That means quality and durability is always top of mind. That's especially important for our high school and college team tent customers, who rely on our heavy-duty canopy tents to not just last one season — but for several seasons.

TentCraft really gets to flex its muscles on the pro sports side of the athletics business. Because we work with some of the world's most recognized brands, we understand the importance of creating a major brand activation event. We've worked the biggest stages, from the Super Bowl to the NCAA National Championship Game, and can quickly turn around custom-printed media walls, banners, and backdrops that bring your event to life.

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