8 Custom 10x20 Canopy Tent Ideas for Your Next Event

Andrew Dodson /// 07/14/2022

A 10x20 canopy is considered a large canopy tent with unique use cases that everyone from athletics, like high school cross country teams, to restaurant owners rely on for protection and branding. They're also great for large trade show activations.

While 10x10 is the most popular size for a custom tent, interest in a 10x20 footprint has grown over the past few years — restaurants needed something bigger for protected outdoor seating, and retail vendors wanted more space (and a bigger presence) at events.

In 2021, the 10x20 pop up canopy size made up 12% of all pop-up sales at TentCraft, which is a healthy percentage considering there are more than a dozen different sizes we can customize in that category.

When you search for a 10x20 custom tent online, you’re likely going to see some options like this:


For many users, this is an acceptable design and footprint. It’s a large canopy tent with your choice of custom canopy color. Whether you need it for a sporting event or as a trade show display, it does the job.

But we know that many of our customers — especially major agencies representing the world’s biggest brands — need to stand out. They want to create an experience, which means a basic design isn’t good enough.

8 10x20 Pop-Up Canopy Tent Projects for Inspiration

TentCraft custom-builds several different structures, from pop-up tents and semi-permanent frame tents to geodesic event domes and innovative truss structures.

For this article, we’re focused on 10x20 pop-up tents, which come in two main trims: mightyTENT, our medium-duty tent frame, and MONARCHTENT, our heavy-duty frame. In addition to a lifetime frame warranty, you have more design and footprint layouts with MONARCHTENT.

Here are some of our favorite 10x20 custom canopy tents to inspire your next project:

10x20 Canopy for Police Department


The Harris County Sheriff’s Office offers a great example of a custom tent for community engagement. This 10x20 pop-up canopy with screen (also referred to as a back wall) is well-branded with a custom-printed canopy and valance. It is large enough to include a couple of tables for distributing educational pamphlets and handling sign-ups for community events.

The larger-sized tent is also helpful in facilitating multiple separate conversations between deputies and event attendees.

10x20 Canopy for a Cross Country Team


Cross country and track and field teams are our most common team tents customers. That’s mostly due to the sheer size of these teams but also because they compete in rain or shine — and typically in big open areas where protection from the wind is practically a requirement.

The beauty of a 10x20 tent is that it provides plenty of flexibility for different footprints.

Take the Columbia Bruins Cross Country Team, for example. The team uses one-half of their 10x20 to create an enclosed area with sidewalls and leaves the other half open to allow for a breeze and protection from the sun and any potential weather.

The Frankenmuth High School Cross Country Team invested in a 10x20 pop-up canopy with sidewalls and creates a number of different footprints depending on the location and weather.

10x20 Canopy for Brand Activation


Amazon Prime Video paired a 10x20 MONARCHTENT with a 20x20 E-Series frame tent for an activation centered around the studio’s streaming hit “The Terminal List.” The custom all-black canopy and frame color perfectly fit the show’s brand, and the pop-up tent's size allowed event attendees to play games and win prizes.

10x20 Canopy for Playing Video Games Outdoors


Yes, we understand the irony in going outside to play video games, but Game Truck is a pretty cool business you can hire for events that give gamers a chance to show off their skills and compete against other attendees. This is a basic tent setup, but it’s the perfect footprint for a handful of tables, TVs, and gaming consoles.

10x20 Brewery Tent


If you’re serving craft beers, it’s ideal to go for a larger footprint, like a 10x20. It allows for more taps and kegs — and a more efficient process for getting patrons in and out of line. Kona Brewing Co.’s tent, complete with a backwall, custom signage, and a peak banner, is a perfect example.

10x20 Canopy Tent with Counters


Adding counters to your 10x20 custom tent is a great solution for food vendors and breweries serving event patrons, but it’s also a solid add-on accessory for registrations. Organizers of the Savage Race used their 10x20 MONARCHTENT as a portable venue for runners to sign up for future races. It’s also a good setup for bib number pickups because its size allows organizers to spread volunteers across a 20-foot span, letting more people register at once.

10x20 Canopy for Shade On Pickleball & Tennis Courts


The Fromuth Pickleball courts invested in a pair of branded 10x20 mightyTENTs (in addition to a 10x10 mightyTENT) to be used by players to rest during tournaments and open play. A 10x20 is big enough to fit more than 30 people standing up, meaning about eight full courts of pickleball players could comfortably fit underneath.

Heavy Duty 10x20 for Outdoor Trade Shows


TentCraft is active at some of the biggest bike shows, including Sea Otter, and has created heavy-duty 10x20 pop-up tents for major brands, including Maxxis Factory Racing. Maxxis used its 10x20 tent to highlight products and include a more private room for meetings and doing business at a show.

Design Your 10x20 Custom Tent Today

Feeling inspired? As the manufacturer of 10x20 tents — and countless other sizes! — we know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. If you know what you want or if you have questions, send us a quote request and we can get to work!

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