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Custom Inflatable Event Tents

Sometimes a branded pop-up tent isn’t enough to capture the attention you’re looking for. Our inflatable tent models abandon metal ridged frames and are quick to set-up or take down with just one person. See each one of our head-turning options below.

A light-weight GYBE set-up at Kawasaki ride and drive event.
GYBE Inflatable Event Tent

Kites are cool. Surfing is cooler. Put the two together and you’ve got yourself an epic assembly of awesomeness. Inspired by kite surfing technology, the GYBE inflatable tent retains modular features designed for maximum versatility, and the ability to inter-connect, giving your brand more opportunities to shine bright.

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The Star Lounge inflatable set-up at brewery festival.
Star Lounge Inflatable Event Tent

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in the world of outdoor event tents, let us introduce you to the Star Lounge. A customizable, inflatable tent that turns heads with a built in LED light-controlled center column and fits into a single backpack for easy transportation.

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The Nitrox AIRFRAME inflatable tent set-up at product demo event.
Nitrox AIRFRAME Inflatable Event Tent

This inflatable frame tent can be custom printed from top to bottom and set-ups in just minutes. Without the need for a continuous air source, the Nitrox AIRFRAME packs light and travels easy with an included duffle bag.

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The Signus Inflatable Event Tent set-up at product demo event.
Signus Inflatable Event Tent

An eye-catching example of expression in all the right ways. The Signus inflatable tent is characterized by an organic form with zip on and zip off panels. With easy set-up and lightweight portability, this pavilion is a conversation starting machine.

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