11 Custom 10x10 Canopy Tents That Stand Out

Andrew Dodson /// 01/12/2023

Have you ever attended outdoor events where every canopy tent looks the same, except for the artwork or custom graphics on the tent fabric? Most measure in at 10x10 and feature a traditional design where the canopy — typically with a printed logo on one side — meets at a single peak.

When you think of a custom 10x10 canopy tent, you probably think of something like this:


For many event marketers, that design is good enough. And that's fine! Sometimes, you need is a heavy duty 10x10 canopy tent to protect you and anything you might be selling from inclement weather. Add some artwork to your pop up tent that identifies your brand and you're good to go.

But for the business owners and event marketers who want to stand out at their next event, there are other 10x10 custom canopy tent options that go beyond the traditional design. Your next custom tent could stand out in a crowd by adding something simple, like a peak flag. Or you could go all-in by opting for a 10x10 pop up tent design that's radically different, like our MONARCHGABLE canopy tent.

Agencies representing some of the world's most recognizable brands have trusted TentCraft to design and engineer both pop up tents and frame tents that create a magical experience and leave a lasting impression.

Here are 11 Custom 10x10 Canopy Tent Designs That Get More Attention

Unlike competitor tents, all of our heavy duty tent frames — no matter which design you go with — are manufactured in the U.S. (Northern Michigan, to be exact!) We don't import these frames because we can better control the quality and ensure your tent lasts a long time. It also allows us to experiment and design different custom canopy tent structures, be it a 10x10 or any other size.

All of these 10x10 branded tent designs are compatible with our bevy of accessories, including half wall options, foot plate weights, and peak and banner flags. They also include a hardware package that consists of a heavy-duty protective cover, a wheel kit for easy transport, and a stake kit for proper ballasting. And if you're looking to make your display stand out, we can print a branded table cover to bring the whole experience together.

10x10 MONARCHTENT Pop Up Tent

A 10x10 MONARCHTent for Disney Plus.” style=

This is the design you likely think about when picturing a 10x10 pop-up canopy. We like to think our version — MONARCHTENT — is a step ahead of the competition in terms of strength, durability, overall aesthetic, and general use. The all-aluminum frame features octagonal telescopic legs for beefier durability. All MONARCHTENTs include a peak flag for additional branding.

10x10 Flat Roof Pop Up Canopy

A 10x10 MONARCHFLATROOF for Volkswagen.” style=

MONARCHTENT with our flat roof design is the best option for event marketers who need a solution for indoor and outdoor events — or for events where there are height restrictions for canopies. While there isn't a peak on this design, you can install a peak flag on it for additional branding, making this a great trade show tent.

10x10 Pagoda-Style Pop Up Canopy

A 10x10 MONARCHREACH for Blue Bird Hard Water.

If you're looking for extra shade in a 10x10 tent, check out the MONARCHREACH. The pyramid-shaped roof offers an 18-inch overhang on all four sides, which increases shade and capacity. Like all of the tents in our MONARCHTENT family, MONARCHREACH (sometimes referred to as a pagoda marquee) includes a peak flag for additional branding real estate.

10x10 Billboard-Style Custom Tent

A 10x10 MONARCHSTOREFRONT for California Solar.” style=

When you really need to stand out and want extra-large space for your logo and branding, the MONARCHSTOREFRONT is a unique pop-up option. This tent features two designs in one structure. The front offers a billboard-style look for a large canopy graphic. If you flip it around, there's an even larger space for branding on the sloping surface.

10x10 Gable-Style Custom Tent

A 10x10 MONARCHGABLE for Wilde Chips at The Sea Otter Classic.” style=

The TentCraft MONARCHGABLE Tent features the look and durability of a gable-end frame tent, with the ease of setup and transport offered by a pop-up tent. When you add an optional side wall to both sides, the possibilities for design are endless. We've helped customers transform their MONARCHGABLE Tents into milk cartons, a house, and other fun designs. Some customers have used the gable-style tent as a drive-thru structure.

10x10 Hexagon-Shaped Canopy Tent

A rendering of a potential setup for a 10x10 MONARCHHEX.” style=

A 10x10 MONARCHHEX.” style=

More. That's the first word that comes to mind when you see the MONARCHHEX. The HEX starts as a 13x15 custom canopy tent, so it technically isn't a 10x10. But if you want to go slightly bigger, then hear us out. The MONARCHHEX feature more sides, more tent interior space, and more branding opportunities. If you work events where you need multiple people to deal with different lines — think concession tents, brewery festivals, etc. — the HEX is a great option. And thankfully, the frame opens and closes quickly like all of our other pop-up tents.

Custom Printed Market Stall

A 10x10 MONARCHSTALL for Sierra Nevada Brewing” style=

On the other side of this 10x10 tent discussion is the MONARCHSTALL, a frame and canopy with a slightly smaller footprint that's super-easy to transport and offers excellent branding opportunities. We designed MONARCHSTALL for easy face-to-face conversations and one-person setups.

10x10 Pop Up Drone Enclosure

A 10x10 pop-up netted drone enclosure for Auto Robotics.” style=

We engineered our popular 10x10 MONARCHTENT with a taller, 9'6'' height clearance and a netted wall for drone manufacturers looking to show off their technology at trade shows. These tents have since been used for drone soccer in the U.S. and other special use cases. If you need the extra headspace — even if it's non-drone related — ask us about our netted drone enclosures.

10x10 Inflatable Event Tent

An inflatable 10x10 GYBE tent for snowboard company Burton.

An inflatable tent — which can be set up by one person in about five minutes — is an easy way to stand out at an event. TentCraft sells a 10x10 inflatable tent called the GYBE (it's also available in 13x13, 17x17, and 20x20). Event marketers love the GYBE because 1) it can be custom printed with your branding, 2) it's incredibly lightweight for easy transport, and 3) it compacts nicely for easy storage. We have many clients who use the inflatable tent to showcase a new car.

10x10 Semi-Permanent High-Pitch Canopy

A 10x10 E-Series frame tent.” style=

When you need a solution that can be left up for a few days — or even weeks — at a time, it's time to consider a frame tent. The TentCraft E-Series Frame Tent is an all-aluminum framework engineered for the harshest weather conditions. The canopy is fabricated using a heavy-duty 18oz vinyl that's hot-air-welded to create a waterproof seal.

10x10 Custom Event Truss for Outdoor and Indoor Events

A custom truss structure used at Super Bowl 50.” style=

One of the most versatile approaches to a 10x10 canopy is an event truss that snaps together to create unique structures. Our truss solutions have been used to create shoeboxes, tradeshow displays, memorable retail experiences, and more.

10x10 Custom Canopy Tent FAQs

What is the tent frame made from?

TentCraft manufactures its custom canopy tents with an aluminum frame instead of a steel frame because of durability and weight. Aluminum is about one-third lighter than steel, which means we can manufacture our frames with thicker walls. That improves overall strength and durability. You could technically do the same thing with steel, but it would make the tent frame extremely heavy and difficult to set up and pack away. Additionally, anodized aluminum is the second-hardest material, right behind diamonds.

What material is the custom printed 10x10 pop up tent canopy?

We custom print our canopies using the dye sublimation technique on a proprietary polyester blend, which we have put through rigorous testing. This particular polyester fabric is water-resistant, fire-rated, and features handcrafted, reinforced corners to prevent wear and tear after years of use. The fabric also doesn’t wrinkle, so the logo and branding on your printed canopy always look sharp. Dye sublimation allows optimal color capabilities that won't peel or crack because the ink is absorbed and becomes part of the fabric.

Where can you use your custom 10x10 tents?

You can use your custom 10x10 tent anywhere imaginable. We include a particular carrying case for easy transportation and offer accessories, like sand bag weights and footplates that install on the telescopic legs for anchoring best practices.

How do you setup the tent frame for your custom 10x10 tent?

After a use or two, most people can setup their tent frame and printed canopy in less than 10 minutes. You can find setup instructions for all of our tent frames here.

What is the turnaround time for a custom pop up tent?

We can design and manufacture your custom pop up tent in as little as three days. If the job is urgent, we have the capability of turning around a job in as little as 24 hours. That's the advantage of working with an American manufacturer that doesn't need to rely on overseas supply chains.

Discover the Possibilities of a 10x10 Canopy

As the manufacturer of custom tent solutions, we are the experts on everything that can be accomplished with a 10x10 tent. Contact TentCraft today to start brainstorming for your next event.

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