The Custom Tents of Sea Otter 2022

Kelly Yauk /// 05/17/2022

In April, the TentCraft team traveled to and exhibited at The Sea Otter Classic — one of the country’s most popular cycling tradeshows. It was our first in-person event in two years!

And since we make tents, our tent had to be AMAZING. (No pressure, Art and Design Team.)

Even when limited to a 10x10 footprint, we were spoiled with canopy style options. We chose to feature our MONARCHGABLE with a peak banner and two massive shark-fin custom flags. Covering the walls with custom edge-to-edge graphics was a given, but we also brought along a countertop and mightyTABLE to give our Sales Team plenty of room to work their magic.


And it was pretty magical.

This was the biggest Sea Otter ever, drawing more than 70,000 attendees and more than 600 vendors — most with their own custom tents. We work with many of those vendors but rarely attend the events, so seeing all of these projects in the wild was a dream come true.

The Tents of Sea Otter 2022

The tents of Sea Otter did not disappoint! We saw clients using almost every size and style of tent. Here’s what some of those brands were rocking:

Ride Concepts


Ride Concepts kept it clean and on-brand with a 13x20 MONARCHTENT with two printed walls, peak flags, and pull-up banners.

Schwalbe Tires


Schwalbe Tires used the MONARCHSTOREFRONT to maximize the size of their branding real estate. They placed 10x10 and 10x20 tents with half walls and counters side-by-side to create this setup.

WAHOO Fitness


WAHOO Fitness rocked a 20x20 black E-Series frame tent with shark-fin flags, inflatable furniture, pull-up banners, and an A-frame sign.



Continental brought its go-big-or-go-home attitude to the Sea Otter Classic with two 30x30 FutureTrac tents. They included a printed back wall and shark-fin flags — and held it all down with custom-printed water barrels.

MAXXIS International



MAXXIS did double duty at Sea Otter, featuring both a 20x20 E-Series frame tent and a 10x20 MONARCHTENT. Flags and pull-up banners festooned their frame tent while colorful printed walls wrapped the MAXXIS Factory Racing MONARCHTENT, protecting their team from the California sun.



Michelin’s friendly mascot welcomed us to their 10x20 MONARCHTENT. The Michelin man graced this tent from top to bottom, appearing on the peak banner, flags, custom printed wall, and A-frame sign.



Scratch Labs opted for bright citrus colors and coordinated table covers for their 10x10 mightyTENT. The company known for its “secret drink mix” had cyclists lining up.

Hayes Performance Systems


This. Setup. Has. Everything.

The Hayes Performance System Team used 10x20 and 10x10 MONARCHTENT, a mightyTABLE, media walls, peak flags, custom printed airframe furniture, and sky-scraping shark-fin flags to create their tightly branded footprint.

Bike Flights


The company cyclists trust to ship their bikes knows to protect their assets with high-quality tents. They chose 10x10 MONARCHTENT with full walls, counters, table covers, and peak flags for their Sea Otter setup.



Muc-Off brought their bold black and pink design to Sea Otter with a 20x30 X-series frame tent, feather flags, barrel covers, an A-frame sign, and full walls.



Eye-catching accessories make all the difference when you are trying to stop traffic at a show as big as Sea Otter. So we can’t leave out this Mazda FlagStand XL and double-sided retractable banner from The Feed. Double-sided printing keeps these assets looking good from every angle.

We’ll Be Back!

Until next year Sea Otter! We can’t wait to see what you have in store in 2023.

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