Custom Retail Tents for Pop-Up Experiences

Whether it’s your downtown’s big sidewalk sale or a community event with plenty of foot traffic, having a custom tent solution for your retail shop can expand your business well beyond its brick-and-mortar location.

TentCraft manufactures a large collection of custom tents, from pop-ups to semi-permanent frame tents, in addition to unique solutions, like our geodesic domes or custom truss structures.

If strength and durability — along with eye-popping custom designs — matters most to you, you’ve come to the right place. Learn how TentCraft can bring your custom tent to life.

A custom retail tent at an outdoor event in the winter.

American-Made Retail Tents to Take Your Shop On-The-Go

All TentCraft products are manufactured in Traverse City, Michigan, a popular tourist town in Northern Michigan with a booming retail economy in its downtown. We understand the challenges retail business owners face and are here to offer expert solutions.

Here’s a look at some of our capabilities:

Retail Pop-Up Tents Perfect for Sidewalk Sales

One of the most common applications for our custom pop-up tents is for sidewalk sales and community events. Retail owners — big and small — demand a heavy-duty tent that stands up to wind and other weather, while still looking really good and engaging.

Shop owners choose TentCraft because of not only our American-made quality, but also our custom accessories, like counters and LED light kits, that make your tent even more practical as a store. Our pop-up tents come in two trims: medium-duty (mightyTENT) and heavy-duty (MONARCHTENT). Learn the difference between MONARCHTENT vs. mightyTENT.

REI pop up tent for outdoor event
Retail dome setup

Unique Retail Event Experiences

If you’re a retail shop owner, you not only want your custom tent structure to stand out — you also need it to work efficiently for your employees and customers. In addition to our range of custom pop-up tents, we also manufacture some unique structures that major retail brands, like, have transformed into ultimate shopping experiences.

Our custom geodesic domes, for instance, are not only visually striking, but offer an efficient flow of customers by offering multiple windows for browsing and checking out. Our truss structures can be arranged into whatever you can dream up — we helped 2Chainz create a merch booth for his tour that mimicked a shoebox!

Reach out to our team to learn more about what’s possible for your custom retail setup.

Made in USA Means Fast Turnaround Times

Don’t waste your time with cheap tents. By controlling the entire manufacturing product, we not only continually improve upon our custom products, but we also get them out the door WAY faster than the competition. With turnaround times of 3-5 business days — plus the possibility for even quick turns — we can get your custom structure to you, even if you’re in a pinch for time.

TentCraft employee fabricating metal in production.

Large Scale Pop-up Retail In A Truss Shoebox

Sports Promotions Group needed an eye-catching structure that they could use to sell merchandise at soccer tournaments across the country.

We created a custom truss structure designed to look like a Nike shoebox that could house all of their retail operations. To achieve a structure with that size and shape, we used event truss as the framework. From there, it was sizing out the different panels that we would need to fabricate together. The graphic with the barcode and shoe size details attached with velcro so it could be swapped out.

Since the structure was being used at 14 different events spanning multiple years, the graphic was updated for each event and year. It was a popular selfie and photo spot that was often shared on social media. It even became a bit of a social media star itself and even has it's own Instagram account.

Read our blog to learn how Florida A&M University used a custom shoebox structure to create a one of a kind VIP end zone experience.

TentCraft Reviews

Retail shop owners love working with TentCraft because of our dedication to building the highest quality custom tents on the market. They also appreciate our best-in-class customer service. Read more reviews as you continue your search for custom tents for your business.

Copy of a 5-star review.


  • How much do custom retail tents cost?
  • The cost of your retail tent depends on several factors, including size, design, and the amount of custom printing. Learn more about TentCraft prices. If you’re not comfortable investing at least $1,500 into a professional-grade solution, TentCraft may not be the best fit for your business.

  • Can you put a heater in a tent?
  • You absolutely can put a heater in a tent and we recommend you do so if you’re set up at any events during the winter. Learn more about our heater and some other great options for your tent.

  • How much weigh do you need for a pop-up canopy tent?
  • The amount of weight you need depends on the size of your tent, in addition to any accessories you have installed on it, like back-walls and side-walls, which impact wind ratings. Staking your tent is the preferred method, but if you’re on concrete or other hard surfaces, at least 200 pounds is needed to properly anchor your tent.

  • Can one person put up a canopy tent?
  • Well, that depends how strong you are! In all seriousness, TentCraft pop-up tents — especially our heavy-duty tents sized at 10x10 and higher — are pretty heavy and can be tricky to set up by yourself. That’s why we always recommend setting it up with a friend to be safe. That being said, it’s entirely possible to set a 10x10 by tself, but becomes significantly more difficult to do so with a 10x15 and bigger.

  • What size canopy do I need?
  • Determining a size is one of the biggest challenges first-time custom tent buyers face. The easiest solution is to first learn about TentCraft’s tent sizes and then contact our team to talk through your various use cases. Our team of experts can help you best decide which size is best for your business.

Create a Magical Retail Experience With Tentcraft

Ditch the cheap tent and invest in a solution that lasts a long time! Request a quote from TentCraft today and lets create something special.

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