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Nike Shoebox Pop-Up Store

Nike Shoebox Pop-Up Store

Example of our capabilities as an experiential pop up manufacturer.

Products included:

For this experiential pop up activation, had the vision to create a pop up store that looks like a Nike shoebox. To achieve a structure with that size and shape, we used event truss as the framework. From there, it was sizing out the different panels that we would need to fabricate together. The graphic with the barcode and shoe size details attached with velcro so it could be swapped out. Since the structure was being used at 14 different events spanning multiple years, the graphic was updated for each event and year. It was a popular selfie and photo spot that was often shared on social media. has also repurposed the truss structure into smaller structures for different events. Here’s an example of another truss structure that created using the same truss framework from the Nike shoebox.

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