30x30 Semi-Permanent Canopy Tents Made in USA

When you need a large, 30x30 semi-permanent custom structure, trust TentCraft's heavy-duty lineup of frame tents to stand up to tough winds.

TentCraft sells 30x30 keder frame tents and custom truss solutions in that same footprint.

Use this page to learn more about custom structures we manufacture in the 30x30 footprint.

30x30 Keder Frame Tent

Designed for an open-air look and engineered to be left up for months at a time, TentCraft's 30x30 keder frame tent — we call it Future Trac — is perfect for major brand activations at large events that last for multiple days. It's also great for restaurants or other businesses that need a protection from the elements, but don't want to build a brick-and-mortar structure.

Our Future Trac solution, when properly ballasted, is rated for high wind tolerance and is extremely safe as a semi-permanent structure.

The keder track makes installing the canopy quite easy. Once placed in the track on both sides of the structure, your install team can simply pull it through, resulting in a taut, water-resistant canopy that looks great — especially when you custom print your business' branding on it.

30x30 Custom Truss Structures

30x30 is the perfect footprint to create a major experiential activation using TentCraft event truss solutions. Whatever you dream up, we can make it a reality.

Many customers use their truss for custom backdrops, event entrances, and trade show displays.

Because truss is such a custom product, prices will vary greatly. Reach out to our team to pinpoint a better starting price for your project.

How Many People Can Fit Under a 30x30 Canopy?

With 900 square feet of space, more than 100 people can fit under a 30x30 canopy tent with no furniture underneath it. If you add a table and chairs and other furniture, that number drops to about 70-80 people.

Adding walls can make the tent's interior feel smaller, so keep that in mind if you plan on having a lot of people under a tent.

Build Your 30x30 Keder Frame Tent or Truss Solution