Shoebox Structure For Experiential Events

Every so often we get a customer request so inspired that it becomes a part of our permanent product lineup.

That's what happened in with's custom Nike Shoebox Structure. This unique design is built on our event truss framework and wrapped in edge to edge printing.

The modular nature of truss allows us to scale the shoebox structure up or down depending on the event space available and shoebox structures of various sizes have appeared on soccer fields, football endzones, even on tour with Grammy award winning rapper 2Chainz.

FAMU Shoebox Endzone Structure

Shoebox Accessories

Shoebox Truss Setup Resources

Truss structures are sturdy and easy to set up. However, its inherent versatility makes it difficult to create a one size fits all set of installation instructions. Every truss structure is different and so is every set of truss setup instructions. Each order is accompanied by a custom diagram to aid in setup.

Shoebox Setup Video

Sports Promotions Group’s shoebox structure is so popular and iconic it has its own Instagram channel. Click to visit their channel and watch them set up their shoebox.

Quick Clips

Truss structures that are 10x20 or smaller can use quick clips rather than bolts for faster set up. Using bolts will always result in the sturdiest possible setup.

10X20 Setup Example

Sample 10x20 truss setup instructions for a structure with a wrapping truss wall and two stretch leg wraps. Every truss structure setup is different and the attachment style of your soft goods will vary. View the step-by-step setup instructions for proper installation in the pdf below.


Water Barrel Ballasting Set-Up

To ensure your water barrels properly ballast your frame tent, follow the instructions, which can also be downloaded here.


Roof Drain Setup Video

Some truss structures include roof drains to send water away from flat top structures. Watch the video above for step by step instructions for setting up your roof drain.

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Here’s How to Get Pricing on Your Shoebox Structure