COVID-19 -- Our Part in the Fight Against the Corona Virus

TentCraft /// 03/17/2020

As we all come together as a nation to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re working hard to help bring order out of the chaos of this challenging time. Portable, quick-deploy medical screening and containment tents are now being produced at our Michigan facility to help alleviate the burden on health-care services by increasing the safety and capacity for testing and care.

Because we’re a U.S. based custom tent manufacturer, we have the ability to meet unique needs while providing fast turnaround so healthcare officials can immediately begin offering high-volume testing services in a safe and controlled environment. These tents set up and break down in minutes which allows them to be moved as needed and are sturdy enough to withstand most weather.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Ships in 3-5 days
  • expedited delivery available
  • Portable
  • no special installation and anyone can set it up
  • Drive-thru screening option available
  • All-in-one structure and signage
  • Custom branded signage available
  • Professional grade - includes footplates for securing to the ground
  • Lighting kits for 24-hour use available
  • Heating kits also available

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outside view of a white, two-entrance, eight-room infirmary tent

Creating Spaces for Safe, High-Capacity Testing

It’s no secret that there is a major bottleneck with Coronavirus screening. While researchers and pharmaceutical companies work around the clock to scale up testing and treatment capabilities, experts agree that the greatest immediate risk to society is a health-care system that becomes overburdened beyond its capacity to diagnose and treat those that have contracted the virus. As a result, officials are in need of ways to scale-up testing, treatment, and containment efforts without pushing the system beyond what it can handle. Healthcare service providers need to have the infrastructure in place.

Likewise, many Americans are concerned for their own health and the health of loved ones. Part of what’s causing the anxiety and sometimes panic seen during this crisis is simply not knowing whether someone is infected or not, and whether treatment will even be available should they need it.

The COVID-19 medical screening tents we’re now producing are helping healthcare professionals address these problems in significant ways. As more tests are produced to meet the growing demand, officials are needing to create orderly systems where screening can be done at scale in a way that is safe for all involved, while preventing increased spread of the virus.

In particular, drive-thru screening tents are being deployed to help improve testing capacity and decrease strain on hospitals and clinics that are having to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak in addition to their normal workload. People that may have contracted the virus are able to get tested quickly while reducing exposure to others.

In consultation with our local health officials, we’re creating tents that streamline the process so more people can be tested quickly in the safest possible environment. Workers are able to reduce contact with infected individuals while creating a space that assures samples can be taken and stored confidently, and in an environment that is clean and professional for those using it.

Portable, Sturdy Construction with Custom Features Available

Our Coronavirus medical tents are built so that mobile testing facilities can be quickly deployed wherever needed and without hassle. It takes just a few minutes to stand up or take down a tent and requires no special tools or expertise. Anyone can do it! The frames are sturdy enough to confidently withstand most weather, while footplates ensure it won’t move with gusts of wind or rain. With work this important, a flimsy tent just won’t cut it!

first person view inside an eight-room triage and containment infirmary tent built with an aluminum frame

birds eye view of a eight-room triage and containment tent for medical purposes with two entrances and roll up doors

We can easily customize signage to meet any messaging and branding requirements. Just let us know your specifications and we can make it happen! Lights and heaters are also available for purchase so tents can be used around the clock and in any climate.

Meeting the Demand

We’re already shipping tents around the country and have materials on hand to produce 1,000 more right now, with capacity expected to increase in the coming days and weeks. We’re ready to step up, do our part to meet the demand, and help alleviate stress on the healthcare system, as together we all take the steps needed to bring this pandemic under control while saving as many lives as possible.

If you’re in need of medical, screening, containment tents or have custom needs or specifications, we’re standing by ready to help! Call (800) 950-4553 for immediate service.

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