Custom Floor Decals for Events & Trade Shows

Standard Decals or Custom-Shaped Floor Stickers

Starting at $29

Custom floor decals by TentCraft are designed to elevate your trade show or event space, help attendees find your booth, and immerse the show in your company’s branding. We print on MultiGRIP specialty floor stickers, which are designed for heavy foot traffic, and easy installation and removal.

Need to adhere your decals to carpeting? No problem. Concrete? We got you. Brick? Yup, our custom floor decals can handle that too! Did you place your decal in the wrong spot and need to move it? Don’t worry. These decals are designed for multiple installations at the same event to ensure your branding is perfectly placed on the show floor.

In addition to branding and wayfinding at events, our floor decals can add fun details to retail and restaurant spaces. Past clients have used these decals for social distancing efforts during the pandemic; others created more engaging retail areas with fun, custom-shaped floor markers.

Floor Decal Sizes & Specs

MultiGRIP is designed for wall and floor graphics, indoor use and short-term outdoor use. Recomended surfaces for installation include (but aren’t limited to) carpet, tile, metal, properly painted surfaces, wood, and PVC floors. Untreated stone, smooth concrete, asphalt, brick, and ceramic tile also work.

We offer standard sizes, but can also custom-create your decals in any shape and nearly any size.

Standard sizes include:

  • 12” x 12”

  • 12” x 18”

  • 18” x 24”

  • 20” x 30”

Note: Larger decals require multiple people to install to ensure a smooth application.

Floor Decal FAQs

  • How much does a custom floor decal cost?

  • A custom floor decal starts at $29 and can cost more depending on the size of the decal. You can save on the cost per decal if you're ordering a larger quantity.

  • Do you offer bulk discounts?

  • Yes, if you're ordering a larger quantity of floor decals, we can work out a bulk discount for your purchase.

  • What are common uses of custom floor decals?

  • Custom floor decals have multiple uses, including wayfinding, additional trade show booth branding, and retail applications.

  • What surface can floor decals be placed on?

  • Our custom floor decals can be placed on practically any type of surface, including carpets, smooth asphalt, concrete, and even brick. They won't work on grass or dirt — but that's why we sell A-frame signs!

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