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Velocity Sports Performance Setup

Velocity Sports Performance Setup

Pop Up Tent Case Study: Custom 5X10 for Velocity Sports Performance

If you’re in the sports performance industry, you should definitely get a custom event tent that you can do a few pull-ups on. Makes things convenient, you know? You go to a show, setup your heavy duty pop-up tent, and start showing folks what they can do with a little practice and a lot of persistence.

Seriously though, Velocity Sports Performance needed something compact, but with big visual impact. They kept their frame size small – a 5x10 – and went fully branded on the roof. Simple, but significant; it’s highly recognizable. They focused the more custom aspects on the backwall design, with high resolution photos of their services at perfect eye level. Finishing the custom pop-up tent setup with a personalized 6’ fitted table cover, it all flows perfectly.

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