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What In-house Manufacturing Means For You

What In-house Manufacturing Means For You

Andrew Straley /// 04/17/2019

A core strength of TentCraft is our in-house engineering team. Housing this firepower within our walls allows for greater product quality control, faster turnaround times and a focus on continuous improvement for you, our valued customer.

This makes the USA-made MONARCHTENT the most customizable tent system on the planet. We’re always pushing for more ways to make this heavy-duty pop-up tent completely customized to your specifications by offering more and better additions than anyone else.

Introducing three new ways to customize the MONARCHTENT:

  • ● Each frame can be laser-etched for added branding and extra flair.

  • ● Each frame can be built to fit (3) different head height clearances. 6’8”, 7’1” and 8’2”. It’s as simple as just letting us know what head clearance you’d prefer.

  • ● Upgrade to a matte black anodized aluminum frame to give your tent a unique and dominating appearance.

With these new customization options, the ability to customize your MONARCHTENT System is easier than ever. Learn more about the MONARCHTENT System here or give us a call at 1-800-950-4553 to start your quote and let us know how you’d like your MONARCHTENT to look for your next event.