TentCrafters: Helping Breweries Dominate the Beer Fest Scene

Megan Ruediger /// 08/12/2016

UPDATE: See the custom tent makeover for Beard's Brewery

As craftsmen of the event marketing industry, we're taking "custom" to the next level by helping one Michigan-based brewery — whose name shall remain anonymous — transform their presence at this year's 9th Annual Microbrew & Music Festival into a full-blown, hop-tastic brand experience that's built on authenticity and craft. Think HGTV, think House Crashers, think TentCraft elevating a brewery's brand in a way you've never seen before.

Hi, we're TentCrafters. It's nice to meet you.

Since our establishment, the TentCraft family has been about creating world-class, one-of-a-kind projects. We believe "custom-made" is more than a flashy word to slap on a product label. Rather, it's a necessary quality found in everything we do.

The craft beer industry is a booming market, one that's seen explosive growth over the years, thanks to millennials and their worldly taste for adult beverages. More and more beer festivals are popping up all over the country, too, and many brewers spend all summer traveling to events in order to promote and expand their brand.

But aside from the craft beer and such, a kick-ass event space — fit with an attractive tent, engaging elements, and convenient sampling features — is crucial to a brewer's festival success.

That's where we come in.

We did our research, we listened to brewer's challenges, and we discovered what the marketplace is lacking when it comes to better serving festivalgoers. Because "custom" isn't just about the products we produce. It's about listening to the unique pain points of our customers and finding smart solutions to their business problems. It's about transforming their brand into a brand experience, and propelling them forward in an over-crowded market.

You're not gonna want to miss this, my friends. It's sure to be transformative, revolutionary, and just plain awesome.

So get excited, buy your tickets to the Microbrew & Music Festival, and like us on Facebook to discover just how custom "custom-made" can get.

See you at the fest.


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