10 Custom Event Tents for the Cannabis Industry

Andrew Dodson /// 01/16/2024

As a manufacturer of custom tents and structures, TentCraft works with nearly every type of industry under the roof (see what we did there?) for a variety of applications.

But one of the fastest-growing segments we’ve experienced, in terms of new business, is the cannabis industry. With recreational marijuana now legal in 21 states and a handful more expected to follow suit in the coming year, the industry is quickly becoming akin to breweries, an industry that has worked with TentCraft for several years.

Today, it’s not uncommon for our business to receive 10 or more leads from the cannabis industry in a single week. And we think that number is only going to grow higher.

As you might expect, one of the first questions these cannabis business owners have is, “What type of work have you done for the cannabis industry?” Thankfully, we have plenty of examples to share with those people!

Here are our favorite cannabis projects we’ve designed, manufactured, and delivered to our customers from all over the country.

10 Custom Cannabis Tents to Inspire Your Next Project

We love custom projects at TentCraft, and we greatly appreciate the designs cannabis clients bring to us.

Daybreak Cannabis 10x10 with Counters and Backwall

Moxie cannabis tent

Daybreak Cannabis utilized the included peak flag with its 10x10 MONARCHTENT to perfection — and then completed their tent setup with three counters and half-walls, and a custom-printed backwall.

Daybreak had specific brand colors that our art team expertly matched and we were quite impressed with how this custom tent turned out.

Moxie 13x26 MONARCHTENT with Event Peak Flags

Moxie cannabis tent

You can’t miss Moxie’s cannabis tent at an event. The 13x26 is the largest size you can purchase for a MONARCHTENT. The six custom-printed peak flags made it easy to spot the tent, no matter where you were standing at the event.

Custom-Printed 10x10 Canopy Tent for ItDank

Good Intentions ItDank cannabis tent

New cannabis brand ItDank came to us for a bright and colorful tent to use at Cannadelic Miami as they launched their brand. Thank goodness they chose to have counters on all three sides, they were surrounded by smiling customers who clearly loved their look.

Crockett Family Farms 10x20 MONARCHTENT

Crockett Family Farms cannabis tent

We typically recommend cannabis companies go with at least a 10x20 for bigger events with high foot traffic. That’s what Crockett Family Farms opted for, along with counters for better customer interactions and a custom-printed peak banner for increased visibility.

Dank Mitten Farms mightyTENT

Dank Mitten mightyTENT

You can’t go wrong with a classic design. But classic certainly doesn't mean boring. Our black legged, medium duty mightyTENT looks anything but boring with the Dank Mitten Farms branding added to it. You can’t miss this Michigan-grown tent setup.

Tasty Waves Hash Company Event Dome

Tasty Waves Hash Company Custom Dome

Tasty Waves Cannabis Hash Company Dome Rendering

It’s not uncommon for brands to ask us to create a design for an experiential marketing space for their next event that REALLY stands out. One stand out design we pitched to Tasty Waves Hash Company was a branded dome event tent. This bright and fun design is a perfect rendering-to-reality example and hands down one of our favorite tent designs of the year.

Fast Buds 10x20 MONARCHTENT

Fast Buds cannabis tent 1

Fast Buds cannabis event tent

As a well-established, award-winning cannabis brand, Fast Buds needed a heavy-duty solution with eye-popping graphics that lured in event attendees. We helped make the tent more practical and useful by adding counters to the front half-wall of the structure.

Commonwealth Alternative Care MONARCHHEX

Commonwealth Alternative Care invested in a MONARCHHEX, which is a great, six-sided structure for retail lines and for distributing information about your company at events.

Cannabals 10x10 MONARCHTENT & Table Covers


New York-based Cannabals created a flexible display area under their 10x10 MONARCHTENT structure with a retractable banner — and branded table covers — for a unique event and retail setup.



Freshy Fine was headed to 420 Musicfest in their hometown of Lansing, Michigan. To make the most of their 10x10 footprint at the busy event they chose a MONARCHSTOREFRONT structure with counters and a back wall. Now they not only stood out from the competitors in white tents, their logo was positioned twice as tall on their tent!

Create Your Cannabis Event Tent

Still have questions about what direction you want to go with your cannabis event tent? Contact TentCraft and our team of experts can guide you in a direction that follows your brand's vision.

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