13x22 Custom Canopy Tent Made in USA

TentCraft manufactures a 13x22 custom pop-up tent with a unique canopy design — the only canopy of its kind in this footprint.

The 13x22 pop-up canopy features nearly 300 square feet, making it perfect for large event activations where you not only need the space for tables, chairs, and possibly merchandise, but also when you need a canopy design that stands out in a crowd.

Use this page to learn about our 13x22 pop-up canopy size. If you need a similar structure that's slightly smaller, check out our custom 13x15 canopy tent.

Heavy Duty 13x22 Canopy

Starting at: $6,229

Our heavy-duty pop-up tent — MONARCHHEX — is event armor that protects your brand, your people, and your investment. If you’re a power tent user who needs a solution to go up and come down with ease each time, every time, you need MONARCHTENT.

This unique canopy design has more sides, more space, more branding opportunities, and — most importantly — commands MUCH more attention. The tool-free, hexagonal frame opens and closes in under 5 minutes.

We put so much confidence in describing this all-aluminum tent frame as the strongest on the market that we back it up with certified wind ratings and a lifetime frame warranty.

MONARCHTENT is made in America — Traverse City, Michigan, to be exact — which means we control the entire manufacturing process and are continually improving the quality of what’s been described as the strongest canopy tent on the market.

Accessories for Your 13x22 Canopy Tent

Our 13x22 canopy tents are compatible with our line up event accessories

How Many People Can Fit Under a 13x22 Canopy?

A 13x22 canopy can fit about 65-70 people under it with no furniture, like tables and chairs. Once you add furniture, that drops down to about 30 people.

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