Custom Church Tents for Religious Organizations

From the annual parish picnic to the community engagement booth at a local festival, churches and religious organizations rely on TentCraft to create high-quality custom tents and structures. They’re tired of replacing cheap tents and need a heavy-duty, American-made solution to protect their community from the elements and effectively promote their brand at the same time.

Most importantly, they want to work with a business that provides outstanding customer service from actual people. After all, churches are in the people business, so when they’re shopping for a custom tent, they want to feel welcomed and have a seamless, fun experience.

That’s where TentCraft shines. Our team of experts has worked with church leaders for many years. We understand their challenges and are quick to offer solutions. If you’re looking for a custom tent for your church, we’re here to teach why investing in quality up front is always the best idea.

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American-Made, Custom Tents Church Groups Rely On

All TentCraft products are manufactured in the U.S. As masters of our craft, we’re committed to providing churches and religious organizations across the country with the strongest, highest-quality pop-up tents and event accessories that don’t need to be constantly replaced..

Custom Pop-Up Tents for Religious Organizations

One of the most common requests TentCraft receives from church organizations is for a custom-printed pop-up tent to be used at community and church events. TentCraft sells two main pop-ups: mightyTENT, our medium-duty tent, and MONARCHTENT, our heavy-duty tent. Before submitting a quote request, learn the differences between mightyTENT vs. MONARCHTENT.

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Semi-Permanent Church Tents

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed more church groups to host worship services outdoors — and they needed a semi-permanent tent option that was large enough to handle a congregation. Our lineup of custom frame tents, which can be built out to 20x40 (and even larger using our Future Trac system), can be left up for weeks and even months at a time when properly ballasted. Learn more about custom frame tents.

Church Tent Rental vs. Owning

We’re often approached by customers who are tired of paying an expensive rental fee for a large tent and are contemplating purchasing a permanent solution. A large tent rental — say a 20x50 or larger — can cost thousands of dollars for a week or two of use. Meanwhile, our largest frame tents can cost about $15,000 and go up from there depending on accessories and printing.

If you plan to use your tent for many years, investing in a solution up front is a much smarter option. If it’s a one-off event, renting might make more sense.

Our team of tent experts can help you make the best-informed purchasing decision.

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TentCraft Reviews

Religious organizations trust TentCraft because of our dedication to building the highest quality custom tents and structures on the market, ensuring their investment lasts a long time. They also love our commitment to offering best-in-class customer service. Read more reviews as you continue your search for custom tents for your organization.

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  • Does TentCraft offer a discount for nonprofit organizations?
  • We don’t have a discount policy set in stone for church nonprofits. We recommend discussing your needs and budget with a sales representative, who can help you come up with some options. We understand church budgets can be tight, but we also understand church leaders can’t afford to continuously purchase cheap products that need to be replaced every couple of years.

    By investing in quality upfront, you can make your budgets more predictable down the road. Learn more about our costs, here.

  • What’s the biggest tent TentCraft manufactures?
  • Our larger frame tents top out at 20x40, but can be combined together for more size. We can install a drain system when attaching two tents together so water won’t leak into your outdoor church space. Our Future Trac system is capable of lengths and widths of 50 feet.

  • How fast can you deliver a custom tent?
  • Speed is our bread and butter. Because we manufacture all tents in-house, we can manufacture your custom tent and ship it out typically in three to five days. If you need it quicker than that, we are also capable of quick turn projects depending on our current workload.

TentCraft is Here to Help Your Church

TentCraft operates in Traverse City, Michigan, a small town in Northern Michigan on the Great Lakes. We understand the importance of community and the important roles churches play in said communities. Reach out to us today to learn how we can help your church organization.

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