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Inflatable Event Tent

An entirely new dimension for eye-catching branding.

Signus inflatable tent used for alcohol demo at golf course.
Performance designed with proven materials from the extreme sports industry.

Inflatable Event Tent

An entirely new dimension for eye-catching branding.

Want to be seen? Be in a category all by yourself and capture attention with the most dramatic structure at your next event. The Signus inflatable creates countless memorable branding opportunities with easy zip on and zip off panels.

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  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Lightweight for Easy Transport and Storage
  • 15 Minute Set-Up
  • Available Sizes — 13', 17' and 20'
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Examples of Signus in the Wild

Over 10 years of experience creating incredible outdoor events for brands like these. See the gallery for additional examples of our work.

Mercedes Benz Signus Inflatable Tent.
Festival Signus Inflatable Tent
Hermit Gin Signus Inflatable_tent
Fit to Win Signus Inflatable_tent
Signus Inflatable Tent At Music Festival

Why Choose Signus?

Extreme Durability

Performance designed with proven materials from the extreme sports industry.

Maximum Mobility

Since there's no rigid tent frame, you get low weight and storage volume for maximum mobility. The included protective roller case makes for easy transportation.

Fast & Easy Set-Up

One-person easy setup and take-down in less than 15 minutes with the included electric wired air pump.

Zip on Zip Off Custom Branding

Full digital panels zip in and out of the frame to make for an easy design swap. This feature allows the frame to be used time after time with various branding for each event.

Included with Every Signus

Every Signus inflatable tent ships with a protective roller case, wired pump, metal stake kit, and plastic screw stakes.

Get to Know Our Process

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1. Start the conversation with a quote request.

We work where it’s easiest for you. After answering just a few quick questions, we can make sure your request is directed to the best person to help bring your project to life.

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2. We’ll help guide you to the perfect solution.

Our team consists of skilled event experts, artists and customer service savants who live and breathe outdoor custom solutions 24-7. We’ll hear your challenges, learn about your specific use case and guide you into a tailored solution.

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3. We’ll show you how awesome it’ll look.

Once we figure out your product fit, our team of professional artists will craft a document to help you visually see what the finished product will look like at no cost. If you don’t like the first version, we’ll keep working with you until we hit a homerun.

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4. We'll build it and ship it.

All within 3-days your custom product is printed, cut, hand-sewn, assembled, quality checked and shipped out our door and on its way to you.

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American Craftsmanship built into each and every project.

We’re masters of our craft, driven by grit, gumption, and our unwavering commitment to elevating your brand. From custom pop-up tents to event accessories to experiential footprints, we do it all and we do it well. We’re interested in becoming an extension of your team, committed to your brand and the impressions you'll make.

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