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Shake Shack Custom Concessions Tent

Customized 10X10 Pop Up Tent for Shake Shack

Custom Pop Up Tent Capabilities: Black Frame, Custom Countertops and Branded Half Walls.

When Customizing pop up tents, the goal is to “absorb the brand”. This custom 10X10 tent for Shake Shack is a great example of what absorbing the brand might look like. First, mobile display only contains the brand colors, including the frame. Like Shake Shack’s branding, the graphics and print are subtle with plenty of white space. The custom counters support the food service and hospitality vertical that Shake Shack operates in. Shake Shack is also focused on reducing their footprint and wants to avoid cheaper, throwaway tents that end up in the landfill. While other companies offset poor quality with free replacements, there is still a cost. Where does the damaged frame end up? When something has to be reprinted, there’s an impact on the environment. Better quality means not only a longer product life but also a reduced impact on the environment.

Turnaround Time: 3 Days

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