Winter is Coming: Warm Up With TentCraft

Shelby Oredson /// 11/04/2016

As a Minnesota native and current resident of Michigan, I know the misery of winter. I know what it's like to scrape shards of ice off your windshield at the ass-crack of dawn. I know how it feels to stand at the gas station, quivering in your snow boots while you fill your tank. And I know where to go when snow falls so copiously it covers the tops of stop signs. Hint: bed. You go to bed.

Nobody enjoys winter's unavoidable chill. And if they do, well, they're lying to themselves. But the world doesn't stop just because the temperature drops to sub zero digits. From holiday parades to polar dash races, from winter carnivals to outdoor trade shows, winter events are just as popular as their summertime counterparts, and now's the time to start planning for the long, dark, icy road ahead.

If your brand is traveling to an event this winter, consider warming up the crowd with some of our must-have winterized tents or accessories. Whether it's full-size walls or detachable heating kits, we've got what you need to power through the cold and become everyone's favorite wintertime refuge.

Heating Kits | Hats and mittens can only do so much. Install one of our 1500-watt heating kits in the roof of your pop-up tent and you and your fans will be toasty warm in no time.

Full Walls With Door | Speaking of toasty warm, did you know you can add full digital walls to any of our pop-up tents to create a fully enclosed, super cozy hangout space? We recommend serving hot cocoa, as well. It helps with the cozy.

LED Light Kits | Let's be real. The sun sets way too early during the winter. But such is life, and you better be ready for your nighttime events. LED light kits, for instance, help your event attendees see things after sunset, and everybody likes to see, right? We think so.

Gybe Tent | They're inflatable, they're versatile, they're inspired by kite-surfing technology, and they look really, really, really cool in wintery mountain scenes. Plus, with attachable panels and modular connections, your event will look like a mountainside basecamp straight out of the movies.

Footplates | Sometimes winter can get a little nasty. And by nasty we mean windy. Thankfully, our 66-pound, low profile footplates can withstand wind speeds of up to 35 mph, meaning your tent will stay grounded when the weather gets tough.

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