How to Handle the Unexpected: Custom Pop Up Canopy Edition

Jenn /// 12/16/2019

Remember when Alanis Morrisette wrote a great little song about bad luck? It was a hit, probably because it’s so relatable. Unexpected things happen all the time and if you can’t write a song about it, the next best thing is to know how to fix it.

I can’t fix rain on your wedding day or a million spoons when you’re looking for a knife, but we do know a thing or two about custom pop up tents, so we're able to provide advice and recommendations to help you protect your customized canopy investment.

Unexpected Scenario #1: The Fire Marshall

This one’s easy, so don’t panic. The Fire Marshall is often on hand to make sure that every pop-up canopy has the proper fire certificates to make for a safe event that won’t literally go up in smoke.

  • •  How to Prepare: ask your pop up tent vendor to send you digital copies of the fire certificate before your event, so you can pull them up on your phone or email on the fly. You should also ensure that the fire certificate identifies that both the printed canopy and accessories like walls are flame retardant. 500 or 600 denier polyester is one of the most

  • •  What to do in an emergency: if the Fire Marshall is staring at you right now, check your vendor’s website for a resource page. Most will have their fire certificates available 24/7 online.

Unexpected Scenario #2: What should I do if my delivery is delayed?

This one can be a little tricky but stay with me here. Delivery can be delayed for a myriad of reasons; weather, traffic, and mix-ups at the hub are the usual culprits. Unfortunately, there are instances in which there is limited recourse, so preparing is going to be your best route here.

  • •  How to Prepare: when your event tent vendor sends you the tracking email, don’t delete it or ignore it. Check it frequently, as it will be updated at every hub stop along the way, with the expected delivery date updating as well. Watching it along the way will ensure catching any delays early.

  • •  What to do in an emergency: if you’re checking your tracking and it doesn’t look like the package is going to arrive in time, give your vendor a call. They can reach out to the shipping service to find out why there is a delay and try to negotiate a quick solution. In a true emergency, they can often have a package held at the hub so you can pick it up, or re-route the delivery address.

  • •  The Fine Print: there are real delays that can’t be helped. If there is severe weather or an unexpected event, your vendor should do everything they can to help, but it might be out of their control.

Unexpected Scenario #3: What should I do if my delivery is damaged?

A little-known fact about damaged deliveries is that you must note the damage with the delivery driver before accepting the shipment. When they hand you that pen and cheerfully ask you to “sign here!” they are effectively asking you to sign a contract, stating that everything is accounted for and undamaged. So, if that’s not true, don’t sign it.

  • •  How to Prepare: Evaluate your shipment before signing anything. Count the boxes and confirm that none of them have gaping holes or otherwise obvious damage to the packaging. If it is damaged, ask the driver to note it and contact your vendor right away in case you need to to expedite a replacement canopy.

  • •  What to do in an emergency: Let’s say your packages weren’t damaged, but you found damage to the frame upon opening a box. Or the packages were dropped off at your front door and didn’t require a signature. What then? Time is of the essence, so act quickly. Take photos of the damages and reach out to your vendor immediately. If there is any recourse or claims to file with the shipper, your vendor should be on it.

Unexpected Scenario #4: What should I do if the custom printing is wrong?

It’s the delivery day! Waiting for your custom pop-up tent to arrive has you so giddy and anxious, it’s like Christmas morning. It arrives. It’s damage-free. It’s amazing. It’s….it’s not right.

  • •  How to Prepare: quadruple check your design proof. Before you give final sign-off on the print, look over every color, every word, and every logo to make sure that proof looks exactly like your dream logo tent.

  • •  What to do in an emergency: first, make sure the error isn’t also represented on the design proof. Once you’ve confirmed that, snap some pictures of the affected areas and call or email your vendor right away to let them know a mistake with the artwork or dye sublimation printing has been made.

Unexpected Scenario #5: How do I file a warranty claim?

Sometimes things happen, but that’s why you picked a custom printed tent manufacturer with a rockin’ warranty guarantee, right?

  • •  How to Prepare: Before you become the proud new owner of a customized tent, ask your sales representative what their warranty process is. Knowledge is power and if the time comes to put that warranty to work, you’ll be glad to know what steps to take.

  • •  What to do in an emergency: If you have no idea how the warranty process works, call your custom tent vendor’s customer service line. Or bonus points, if you still have your sales representative’s number, call them. They’ll be able to walk you through the process in real-time and get you back in business quickly. And take some pictures, just to be on the safe side. Most vendors will ask to see photos of the damages.

The real lesson here is that a little preparation can save you a whole lot of headaches, but it’s not called the “unexpected” for nothing. If all else fails, call your vendor directly. In a referral economy where we rightfully trust the opinions of our friends and neighbors above anything else, every company has a vested interest in getting your tents delivered on time and keeping it looking great, so you should never hesitate to pick-up the phone and ask for help.

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