How Much Weight Is Needed to Hold Down a 13x26 Canopy Tent?

Andrew Dodson /// 03/08/2022

Those who are purchasing our largest pop-up canopy model — the 13x26 MONARCHTENT — want to make sure they’re prepared with enough weight to achieve its wind rating.

A 13x26 canopy from TentCraft requires 400lbs to be properly anchored and achieve a 35 mph wind rating. That’s 30lbs more than what’s needed for a 10x20 and 200lbs more than what’s needed for a 10x15 and 10x10. Our wind ratings are intended for pop-up canopies without any walls.

A 13x26 weighs 166lbs, but that weight doesn’t apply to the 400-pound ballasting recommendation. That’s because the bigger the tent, the bigger the canopy. As that surface area grows, it adds more opportunity for the wind to blow it away.

How can you weigh down your 13x26 canopy? You have a couple of options.

If you’re setting up on grass, we highly recommend you use the included staking kit. A single stake that’s properly installed is good for about 200lbs, which means you’ll have twice as much weight needed to achieve the 35mph wind rating.

If you’re on concrete, your next best option is our weighted footplates, which weigh 50lbs apiece. A 13x26 canopy has six legs, so a footplate on each leg leaves you 100lbs short. It’ll certainly help weigh the tent down but if you want to play it safe, adding two extra footplates will get the job done.

Remember, our wind rating is an educated suggestion based on tests by an actual engineer. If winds are flirting with 40mph, it’s always a good idea to take the tent down until things die down.

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