The Quality of Craft

Megan Ruediger /// 07/08/2016

Are all products created equal?

At TentCraft, we don't think so. And we're guessing you don't either. When you spend your hard-earned money on a new ________, you want it to last, you want it to function properly, you want it to make you jump for joy every time you use it.

Unfortunately, not all products have that kind of effect on their buyers. Not all products are made from the finest materials, or designed with careful, passionate craft, or held to the highest possible standards. Below, we illustrate the differences between generic products that make you feel meh to the products that make you proud and pleased and all things good.

Industry: Craft Beer


There's a reason craft beer is pricier than all other beer — it's better. The taste is more robust, brewed from carefully crafted ingredients to create deep, savory flavors that speak to the brewery's unique personality. In other words, you get more bang for your buck, because a case of craft beer is a case of bottled quality.

Industry: Craft Food


If you've ever ordered food from an artisan food truck, you've probably tasted some of the best grub ever made. Unlike cheap fast-food chains and consumer-packaged goods, food trucks sprinkle character, kick, and quality into every meal they make, crafting flavorful delicacies that satisfy the taste buds of everyone they serve.

Industry: Craft Vehicles


A low-budget car will only get you so far. It might take you on that cross-country road trip you've been planning for years, or it might break down on the side of the road in 110u00b0 heat. Invest in say, a Subaru, on the other hand, and you'll be camping in the mountains in no time. With their durable build and dependable quality, a brand like Subaru is the car of choice for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

Industry: Craft Tents

Craft Tents

Just like a brewer selects the finest ingredients for her brew; just like a cook sprinkles a hint of character in every dish he makes; just like a Subaru will get you to your destination; at TentCraft, we're all those things and more. We brew fresh ideas, we create one-of-a-kind tents, and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

We take craftsmanship seriously. We're careful, we're precise, and our products are made from the strongest, most durable materials available. We work hard for our clients, customizing projects to exceed expectations, nourishing relationships to garner trust, improving our craft day after day. Our price tag is higher because our quality is esteemed, our craft is original, and our products are better.

Work with us, and you'll understand the quality of craft.

About TentCraft

We’re more than just custom pop up tents — TentCraft is a premium fabricator of all things experiential marketing and outdoor advertising. If it combines metal, fabric and print our team of skilled craftsmen can transform any napkin sketch or wild idea into a fully realized project. Serving the biggest brands on the planet as well as your local High School, if you want the perfect blend of quality and American craftsmanship, we’ve got you covered.