Can I Buy a Replacement Canopy If I Already Have a Tent?

Jenn Hodges /// 03/24/2022

Looking to rebrand? Tired of an old look? Replacing a faded canopy? There are plenty of reasons pop-up tent owners want to invest in a new canopy.

My name’s Jenn Hodges, and for the past seven years, I’ve had countless customers ask me this question: Can I get a new canopy?

Typically, my answer is: “Absolutely!” But there are some caveats, which I’m here to answer today!

Can TentCraft Print a Canopy to Fit a Non-TentCraft Tent?

Unfortunately, no. As much as we’d love to say we can print canopies for any frame out there, the truth is, it’s a little bit risky.

Every manufacturer builds their tents differently — some, for example, are measured in feet, while others are measured in meters. The pitch angles and peak height also vary from one tent to another. All of those details impact the fit and finish of the canopy, and since we don’t want to sell you a canopy that doesn’t fit perfectly on your frame, we don’t recommend it.

The risk is a canopy that looks too loose and sloppy, and pools rainwater — or a canopy that’s too tight and doesn’t work at all.

Can You Print a New Canopy for An Existing TentCraft Tent?

You betcha! (Can you tell we live and work in the Midwest?) That’s what our tents are designed for!

Whether you’ve updated your branding, have new contact information, or are simply itching for a new look, our frames are made for the long haul and we can help give yours a facelift with a new canopy.

It’s easy for us to walk you through how to remove your canopy and swap it out for a fresh one at any time.

How Does the Process of Getting a New Canopy For My Tent Work?

Give us a call and we’ll walk you through it – it’s really that easy. We keep a record of what tent you’ve purchased so we can make sure we’re getting you the exact canopy that perfectly fits your frame.

Next, tell us what you’re dreaming of and we’ll start with a quote before we move on to the fun part — the actual design! You’re welcome to send us your vector formatted logo files, Pantone colors, and any direction to make your tent dreams come true. Our creative team takes all of that information and creates a beautiful rendering, usually on the same day.

If you prefer to do the design yourself, we hook you up with the proper template and our art team double-checks everything to make sure it’s print-ready.

Once everyone agrees on a final design, it goes to the printer and then is cut and sewn by our expert fabrication team. Turnaround time is typically three days or less.

Can I Change My Canopies Frequently?

Ready for your socks to be knocked right off your feet? You could change them out every day if you want! Of course, that would get expensive, you would have a growing pile of American-made, custom-printed canopies… you get the idea.

But removing your canopy and putting a new one on your tent is as easy as clicking a button and releasing some velcro — so changing it up is a breeze. If you’re a multi-hyphenate business owner or just believe that variety really is the spice of life, you’re in a good place. You can rebrand anytime, or just keep a few different canopies handy to mix it up in minutes.

How Much Does a New Custom-Printed Canopy Cost?

How much does it cost? The answer here is more of a range than an exact total. It’s going to depend on the size of your canopy – naturally, a 10x10 is going to be cheaper than a 10x20. Your choice of graphics also plays a role.

You can choose to keep it as simple as a logo printed on the front peak, or go all out with edge-to-edge custom printing covering the entire canopy.

A good starting point is $750 for a 10x10 canopy with simple printing. The price goes up for larger canopies and more intricate art.

Ready to Rebrand? Print a New Canopy.

Need some inspiration for your next rebrand? Check out these renderings. If you’re ready to start talking canopies, reach out to a TentCraft team member, who, of course, is ecstatic to hear from you.

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