IV Therapy Business Sees Big Upside With Events

Andrew Dodson /// 10/04/2021

Lindsey and Crystal Walterscheid launched VITA 10 IV Therapy in the midst of the pandemic and experienced great success. A big reason was thanks to doctors and other frontline healthcare workers who realized health benefits from the business’ COVID-19 recovery drip.

As the country continues a return to normalcy, the sisters-in-law from Denton, Texas, see a promising opportunity to grow their business even further: Taking their services to events.

Promising a remedy for fatigue, the common cold, and even a dreaded hangover, the intravenous (IV) therapy industry has taken off in the past few years and remains a top wellness trend today. The therapy sessions, which take about 45 minutes on average, are one of the fastest ways to deliver key nutrients to a patient because the fluids are directly absorbed into the body. Thanks to positive reviews, including from many A-list celebrities, those in the IV therapy industry say it’s poised for growth over the next several years.

The Walterscheids agree. Since opening their first location in Denton, they’ve gone on to franchise the business and help an owner successfully open a location in Frisco, with plans to sign on more franchisees in the future.

One way they plan to add revenue to those locations is by putting an emphasis on events. Today, customers book an IV drip and need to physically go to a VITA 10 IV Therapy location. By being strategic with events, the business can not only market its services, but also make it easier for people to experience a drip.

How to Do Mobile IV Therapy the Right Way

You essentially need two things to deliver a successful mobile IV therapy service: A good event with plenty of people and a setup that’s relaxing for the client to enjoy their drip.

The Walterscheid’s first event was last year — “Rednecks with Paychecks,” a unique outdoor spectacle that includes off-road races and plenty of partying. VITA 10 IV Therapy was on hand to help with inevitable hangovers.

The business picked the right event, but their initial setup proved to be difficult.

“We were using this cheap little tent we bought on Amazon that essentially fell apart right away,” Lindsey Walterscheid said.

That pop-up tent wasn’t strong enough or big enough to hang the IV bags, which meant IV poles were needed, which took up room under the tent.

“We knew we needed something that was more heavy-duty and dependable,” Walterscheid said.

Upgrading to a Professional, Custom Pop-Up Tent

The Walterscheids ultimately found the perfect solution from TentCraft — a branded 10’x20’ MONARCHTENT, complete with a branded peak flag that ensures everyone at an event knows where to find their services.

The strength, size, and durability of their MONARCHTENT allowed them to comfortably offer services to nearly 100 customers at the most recent Rednecks with Paychecks event. Instead of using IV poles, the bags easily hang from the robust frame, which was a big selling point.

Another factor in their purchase was the ability to make upgrades to the tent. Events in March, for example, could be a little chilly in North Texas. So, the business owners are considering adding walls to their tent, as well as mountable heaters.

And for those bigger events, they may consider purchasing another pop-up tent with a smaller footprint to serve as a station for customers to check in for services.

Take your IV Therapy Business Mobile

Lindsey Walterscheid says events could be a big deal in terms of exposing their brand, but also for revenue. She and her sister-in-law are being strategic about where they attend to ensure it makes sense. Recently, they were near the finish line of a charity road race, offering drip services to depleted runners.

If you’re looking for a solution to take your IV therapy business on the road, reach out to TentCraft and start designing a custom pop-up structure today.

(And if you’re interested in starting your own IV therapy business, contact VITA 10!)

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