TentCraft Counters Get An Upgrade

Kelly Yauk /// 04/17/2023

After tent walls and footplates, tent counters are easily our most popular accessory. From signups to sampling to acting as a sales point, they are an incredibly useful addition to any tent setup.

And now they are better than ever before.


Make It Better

Design Engineer Jim Garner and Supply Chain Manager Wendy VanderMeulen led the transition from black plastic counters to wood counters.

According to VanderMeulen, “Transitioning from a plastic to wood material allows us to source the product closer to home, from a local business. We were able to bring shipping down significantly while providing a superior product, in design and quality.”

Earlier versions of our counters included both wood and plastic versions. After reviewing counters that had been shipped and field tested Garner redesigned and refined the counters. But his improved design required the right materials and manufacturing capabilities.

Our new supplier, Thomas & Milliken, has CNC capabilities which allow them to create the accurate and consistently drilled holes required by Garner’s design. And they edge glue the already stronger poplar wood for even greater durability.

Previously wood counters were only available in a clear coat and the plastic counters were only available in black. The new wood counters are available in black or clear stained wood, offering the best of both worlds.


Sustainable Gains

At TentCraft we’ve long known that it’s good business to make the strongest and longest lasting product possible. It’s good for our customers and it’s good for the environment.

In addition to being stronger our new counters are made from a renewable resource and they come from right in our backyard. Our supplier, Thomas & Milliken, is also located in Traverse City, so there are no long distance shipping-related emissions for this product. A finished counter's travel distance has been reduced from 800 miles down to less than 1 mile.

Read more about our sustainability efforts here or visit our Make It Better page to learn more about our culture of continuous improvement and dedication to lean manufacturing.

About TentCraft

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