How We Designed a 15x15 Pop-Up Canopy With a 20x20 Footprint

Andrew Dodson /// 09/07/2022

As the leader in custom tents for the event industry, our customers ask for all sorts of tent footprints, including a 20x20 configuration.

But as we previously outlined, TentCraft doesn’t manufacture a 20x20 pop-up tent. That tent size isn’t portable (and it would be CRAZY heavy); it would require too many connection points, which compromises structural integrity; and it would definitely need a center pole, which no one wants.

We love to innovate, so that means if you absolutely need a pop-up 20x20 canopy tent, we have a solution that’s heavy-duty, durable, and easy to transport.

It’s actually our 15x15 MONARCHREACH.

This custom, heavy-duty pagoda-style tent features a canopy that actually extends beyond the frame by 2.5 feet on all four sides, giving you 400 square feet of total shade under the canopy. That’s the same amount of shade a traditional 20x20 canopy would provide, but the 15x15 canopy frame is smaller and much easier to set up, tear down, and transport.


A 15x15 canopy is our largest frame that doesn’t require six legs like a 10x20 or 13x26.

The 15x15 MONARCHREACH features a head clearance height of more than 8 feet and a peak height of more than 15 feet. It weighs about 120 lbs.


The 75% increase in the amount of shade — and protection from the rain! — is a big reason why customers would invest in a custom 15x15 MONARCHREACH. But the larger canopy is also an excellent canvas for your business’ branding.

The photo at the top of this article is of a 15x15 MONARCHREACH designed for the USDA. As you can see in that photo, a hand sanitizer dispenser is located under the front right canvas, just outside the leg of the frame of the tent. That space could be used for any number of uses, including a water dispenser, a small table to better distribute pamphlets or a marquee with an iPad for sign-ups.

Like all models in the MONARCHTENT collection, the MONARCHREACH comes with a lifetime frame warranty and a prorated 7-year canopy warranty.

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