10x10 Trade Show Booth Ideas to Inspire Your Next Activation

Andrew Dodson /// 07/27/2023

The 10x10 trade show booth is the most common footprint in the trade show world, which means there's a chance your booth space could look like everyone's else.

After all, you can only do so much to make a backdrop and table cover stand out on a crowded show floor.

We've thought about this a lot at TentCraft as we engineer and design new indoor activation setups using our collection of American-made pop-up booth displays, from tents to SEG, to media walls and truss structures.

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Use the custom trade show booth examples in this article to inspire your next 10x10 activation.

10x10 Pop-Up Canopy Tent


A standard pop-up canopy tent may not be top of mind when brainstorming your trade show booth design, but if you don't have strict height requirements, it's actually a great way to stand out at a show.

TentCraft has worked with a handful of clients who have embraced bringing their pop-up canopy tents indoors. This is especially a great setup for brands that exhibit at indoor and outdoor trade shows and events.

In addition to being able to get more mileage out of your tent via indoor events, you also have a handful of great branding opportunities with pop-up tents.

Adding a back wall to your tent, for example, gives you nearly 70 square feet of additional branding.

Half walls can offer even more branding — and give your booth a more complete look.

Plain and simple: Pop-up tents make for the ultimate portable trade show booth setup.



It's important to check if there are height requirements at your next trade show that potentially hinder using a standard peak pop-up tent.

If that's the case, check out a flatroof canopy that offers a unique design and similar benefits to a standard peak, like the ability to have a back wall and a platform to attach custom rigid signage.

The photo above shows a pop-up drone enclosure with netting that uses the same MONARCHFLATROOF framework.



The TentCraft team attends several trade shows throughout the year, and relied on the MONARCHGABLE to stand out at a few shows.

We like the gable-style pop-up tent for a few reasons:

  • More branding. MONARCHGABLE gives you 20% more branding real estate, including the custom-printed peak banner.

  • It's versatile. The canopy shape allows for numerous event configurations — especially when you add accessories like walls, counters, and signage to it.

  • Creative design. Some people say the MOANRCHGABLE reminds them of a milk carton or snack packaging, which makes this a popular option for businesses in the food and beverage industry.

Arched Media Wall


Media walls are a staple at all trade shows, but they can easily get lost in a crowd. An arched media wall adds branded depth and layer to trade show booths, which is a surefire way to stand out.

You can add arched media walls to your trade show exhibit in a number of different ways. While it's more commonly used for footprints larger than 10x10, you can easily customize it to fit within 100 square feet.

We've helped CLEAR create an engaging kiosk for sign-ups and Whistle Pig set up an eye-catching whiskey sampling station using arched media walls.

Custom SEG Displays


SEG (silicone edge graphics) is an industry standard for trade shows thanks to the versatility and durability of a custom tension fabric display.

TentCraft sells backlit and non-lit SEG frames in a handful of sizes, along with custom fabric displays.

Many customers opt to go with a backlit SEG frame to make their branding glow on the show floor.

SEG is a popular solution for trade show booths because they're easy to set up, lightweight to transport (or ship to Las Vegas!), and they give off a sleek, modern look thanks to the seamless, edge-to-edge graphics.



We're big fans of market stalls because they're extremely portable while offering a ton of branding real estate.

Our heavy-duty MONARCHSTALL is built on the same platform as our heavy-duty pop-up tents, guaranteeing that it holds up for multiple shows.

We initially thought the MONARCHSTALL was primarily used for food and beverage sampling, but we've recently had clients who use it as their main product display trade show booth.

Custom Table Covers, Flags, and Signage


Some trade show booth rental opportunities limit the type of structure you can set up, which means you're occasionally limited to a table and some chairs.

Luckily, you can get creative with this limited trade show booth by investing in high-quality custom table covers, rigid signage, and event flags.

Flags are often overlooked for indoor activations, but they're actually a great way for attendees to spot your booth layout and show off your brand's graphic design. If there aren't height requirements, check out TentCraft's extra-large event flag that we call MONARCHFLAG.


In terms of table covers, we recommend fitted covers because they offer the cleanest aesthetic.

Add branding and information using a rigid freestanding tabletop display.

A more affordable signage option includes a retractable banner or a vinyl banner.

Inflatable Canopy Tent


Incorporating an inflatable canopy tent is one of those design ideas that's also overlooked. We like inflatable tents because they're easy to transport and set up — and you can custom print your branding on them.

Not all trade show booth rentals allow these types of structures, so make sure to check with the event organizer.

Custom 10x10 Truss Exhibit


We love a good truss booth! While truss is typically associated with larger exhibits, they're also a great 10x10 trade show booth idea.

Trusses are widely used in trade shows for several reasons, making them an excellent choice for creating impressive and functional exhibits.

The three most important factors that make truss good for trade shows are:

  • Versatility: Truss systems can be easily customized and configured, allowing exhibitors to create unique and eye-catching booth designs.

  • Strength and Stability: Truss structures are engineered to be strong and stable, capable of supporting heavy equipment and display elements safely.

  • Aesthetics: Trusses have a modern and stylish appearance that enhances the overall look of exhibits, helping them stand out and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Design Your 10x10 Custom Trade Show Booth Today

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