Flagstand XL Alternative Starting at $1,399

Extra-Large Event Flag • Double-Sided Print Included • Fast Turnaround

Boost your brand’s visibility with MONARCHFLAG, the ultimate custom-printed, large-scale event flag designed with superior strength for your next activation.

When you need the biggest and the best, MONARCHFLAG is the affordable Flagstand XL alternative needed to stand out at your next event. Our American-made flag starts at $1,399 — and that includes double-sided print.

Equipped with a telescopic leg from our popular MONARCHTENT heavy-duty framework, MONARCHFLAG extends to heights of more than 16.5 feet, stands up to tough winds, and looks REALLY good in the process.

MONARCHFLAG outshines other large freestanding flags with design improvements, including, sewn-in webbing loops, a snap-on base cover, and an innovative flag counterweight for that perfect flag flutter.

The custom-printed base cover hides the ballasting and is included with every MONARCHFLAG.

Custom print both sides to complete your flag and draw even more attention — at no extra charge.

When properly ballasted with the included TentCraft weighted footplate, these custom flags can withstand winds up to 35 mph.

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MONARCHFLAG comes with a carrying bag and a 52-pound weighted footplate for ballasting. A printed base cover and double-sided printed flag are included with each order.

Overall Height: 16' 7-1/2"

Flag Size: 42"x156"

Unballasted Weight: 30lbs

Footplate Weight: 53lbs

Packed Dimensions: 90"x6"x6"

Frame Color: Clear Anodized

Base Footprint: 4'x4'



MONARCHFLAG is engineered and manufactured in the U.S — Traverse City, Michigan, to be exact — ensuring the highest quality custom flag for your event. Here are some of the key features of our large-scale flag:

Double-Sided Printing

Double-sided printing costs more on competitor flags, but MONARCHFLAG includes it at no extra cost.

Carrying Bag

Solo setup is no problem with MONARCHFLAG thanks to the included carrying case.

Single Footplate Ballasting

Trust your MONARCHFLAG to stand up to 35 mph winds while hiding the plate behind the branded base.

Fully-Printed Base

MONARCHFLAG includes full-on branding real estate, from top to bottom.

Super-Big Event Flag. Super Easy to Install.

You can set up and break down your MONARCHFLAG in under 5 minutes.

  • Place your base in its desired location and unfold it until it clicks into place.

  • Slide the base cover on to the flag pole but do not attach it to the base.

  • Attach custom-printed flag to flagpole by sliding the loops down the flagpole.

  • Locate "L" hardware pole. Slide this into the top pole pocket of the flag softgood.

  • Attach the "L" bracket to the top of the vertical flag pole (pro-tip, you can lean the pole over to reach the top easier). Be sure the horizontal bar is seated fully into the connector.

  • Extend the flag up by pressing the push buttons along the vertical pole (there are 3 sections).

  • Place TentCraft footplate on the center footpad of flag to properly ballast.

  • Pull the cover down over the base and attach with the snaps along the bottom.

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  • How much does MONARCHFLAG cost?
  • MONARCHFLAG starts at $1,399. That includes a double-sided printed flag and a single TentCraft weighted footplate for easy ballasting. This is significantly more affordable than comparable large-scale flages in the industry.

  • Does MONARCHFLAG come with a wind rating?
  • While MONARCHFLAG doesn't come with a certified wind rating, our in-house engineering team has rated it about 35 mph when properly ballasted.

  • How long does it take to setup a MONARCHFLAG?
  • It takes about 5-10 minutes to setup your MONARCHFLAG. Setting up and tearing down can be done by a single person.

  • How quickly can you ship my MONARCHFLAG?
  • We can typically ship your MONARCHFLAG in 3-5 business days — and sometimes even quicker depending on your needs and our current lead time.


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