Custom Street Pole Banners for Promoting Events

Starting at $299 for Hardware & Banners | $79 for Replacement Banners

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Custom Light Pole Banners by TentCraft redefine visibility. Crafted from durable vinyl, these double-sided banners are perfect for branding, sponsors, and event promotion. Hang them practically anywhere – telephone poles, light poles, or even building exteriors.

Our street pole banners include a two-piece cast aluminum base and all the necessary, heavy-duty hardware to ensure your banners stand up to unpredictable weather all year long. We back that durability with a 10-year product warranty.

Once you've invested in the street pole banner hardware, we can easily print new banners with updated branding for all of your events.

Our custom pole banners are more affordable with bulk orders:

Hardware & Banners

  • Single Quantity: $319

  • 2-10: $311

  • 11-50: $299

  • 50+ $289

Replacement Banners

  • Single Quantity: $90

  • 2-10: $85

  • 11-50: $79

  • 50+ $69

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Light Pole Banner Sizes & Specs

Our custom light pole banners come in three standard sizes:

  • 48” (H) x 24” (W)

  • 60” x 24”

  • 72” x 24”

Material: Pole banners are made using 18oz block-out vinyl. They can be fabricated to be single- our double-sided, although most customers opt for double-sided printing.

The TentCraft fabrication team will sew a 2” pole pocket to the top and bottom, along with two grommets at the tom and bottom of the banner.

Our heavy-duty pole banner hardware kit includes the following materials:

  • 2X two-piece pressure-cast aluminum bases assembled with 304 stainless steel springs.

  • 2X metal-sleeved unidirectional fiberglass rods (3/4” diamter x 39” long)

  • 2X 4” stainless steel safety pins + zip ties

  • 6X 5/8” x 38” long high-torque stainless steel banding

  • 2X 4” stainless steel safety pins + zip ties

All custom pole banners come with a 10-year hardware warranty.

Pole Banner Hardware

TentCraft can print and fabricate replacement banners for you, or outfit your organiation with an entire pole banner kit that's strong enough to withstand winds up to 75 mph. Below are examples of the included hardware.

Pole Banner FAQs

  • How much do custom pole banners cost?

  • A custom pole banner costs about $299 for hardware and the printed banner, but a final price depends on your final quantity.

    If you're ordering hardware and banners with a quantity of more than 50, the price drops to $289 per unit.

    We can also print replacment banners, starting as low as $69 for quantiites of 50 or more.

  • What are the most popular pole banner sizes?

  • Nearly every standard pole banner is 24" wide, but they can vary on height. TentCraft offers standard heights of 48"; 60"; and 72".

  • How many brackets are needed to hang one banner?

  • Our heavy-duty pole banner hardware requires two brackets to properly install it to a pole. All necessary brackets and ties, along with setup instructions, are included with pole banner hardware.

  • What are the mounting options for pole banners?

  • We offer two pole banner mounts. One is designed for more permanenet installation and can withstand winds at 75+ mph. The other, which can withstand winds of about 45 mph, is geared toward one-off events. We can also print banners to fit your existing pole banner hardware.

  • Are you able to buy a banner without the hardware?

  • Yes, you can purchase only the pole banner, but ensure you have the proper hardware to properly install your banner. We recommend investing in the full solution and then replacing and refreshing your banners over time.

  • What are some common uses for pole banners

  • Some common uses for pole banners include event promotion, branding opportunities, seasonal decor, wayfinding solutions, street beautification, sponsor recognition, announcing special offers, campus branding, civic engagement, and sports events. Pole banners are versatile tools, enhancing visibility and conveying messages effectively in various settings.

  • Do I want single or double-sided banners?

  • You can have your pole banner fabricated as single- or double-sided, but we highly recommend going with double-sided. These banners are tpyically viewed from all directions, so you want your branding on both sides.

  • Do your pole banners come with pole pockets?

  • Yes, our custom street pole banners include pole pockets on the top and bottom that are hand-sewn by our expert fabrication team.

  • What is the longevity of a pole banner?

  • Even when dealing with extreme weather, our custom pole banners can last a long time. We back up all of our pole banners with a 10-year warranty.

  • Do you have banners have a matte or glossy finish?

  • Our pole banners are printed on a durable vinyl, which offers the perfect blend between a matte and glossy finish.

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