custom SEG display for a shoe release activation.

How Nike & Used Custom SEG For a Launch Event

The Challenge: and Nike needed to create an “out-of-this-world” experience to launch the brand new Nike Phantom Luna soccer boot — a first-of-its-kind shoe designed and engineered by women. Nike calls the show its most “researched women’s led football boot design” in history.

To fit the name of the shoe (Luna is the moon goddess in Roman mythology), the brands, with partner agency Sports Endeavors, needed the activation to glow. They also needed black colors to print accurately to ensure the contrasting white colors printed in the text and tiny stars really popped on the panels.

The brands were on a tight timeline (they wanted to launch ahead of the Women’s World Cup) and needed silicone edge graphics soft goods to fit their existing SEG hardware.

TentCraft loves the challenge of a good custom project and brought the project to life.

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The Solution:

In total, TentCraft fabricated 29 individual single-sided, custom-printed soft good panels with silicone edges for the activation.

To ensure a perfect fit, Sports Endeavors provided us with exact horizontal and vertical measurements of their frames to the nearest 1/16th of an inch. Our art team masterfully prepared each panel using the agency’s artwork, and then our team of fabricators expertly cut and sewed the panels to perfection.

Using backlit SEG frames, the agency was able to make the event space truly glow — allowing the activation to stick with its space theme and highlighting the Luna.

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Fantastic Results

Mike Thomas, with Sports Endeavors, said the event couldn’t have been more successful. The panels TentCraft printed and fabricated fit perfectly — which is critical when using SEG. He told our team he wishes he would have ordered more — especially the smaller panels that were used on a special counter frame to create a glowing cube.

The event was also a huge hit on social media, generating thousands of impressions and engagements.

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