Custom Brewery Tents

Craft Tents for Craft Breweries

Want to watch our products in action? Check out the video to the left and see how we helped one Michigan-based brewery dominate the beer festival scene with a completely custom, totally transformative beer tent setup.

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A custom peak flag created for Beards Brewery and used at beer festival.

One of the best ways to make a splash in an overcrowded festival scene is to turn heads with a custom brewery tent. At TentCraft, we’re the kings of custom. From tents to table covers to creative signage, we can do it all thanks to our impressive fleet of digital printers and in-house production floor. We don’t just manufacture tents. We create one-of-a-kind, carefully crafted experiences that propel your brand and your beer forward.

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Wood countertops attached to a heavy-duty pop-up tent frame.
Countertops & Storage

You know what 99% of beer festival tents don’t have? Countertops, and we think that’s silly. Countertops are the perfect solution to all your organizational needs. Ours, in particular, are custom-built with sanitation, storage, and conversational purposes in mind. Not only will your tent be the talk of the festival, it will be the number one hangout spot for attendees looking to converse about your beer.

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Two beer festival participants using custom printed A-frame stand at festival.
Accessories That Make You Stand Out

If you want to put more beer in more hands, then you’ve got to make it easy for festivalgoers to find your tent. We can help with that. Our peak flags, custom signage, social media worthy photo-walls, and LED light fixtures guarantee your brewery’s name and all its glory will shout from the peak-tops wherever you go.

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Beer taps installed on custom beer festival pop-up tent.

Not all beer festivals are created equal. Some are outside, others are inside; some are big, others are small; some are restricting, others are more versatile. We get that. And that’s why our custom beer tent setups are adaptable to any surrounding, meaning you can pick and choose which parts you use depending on the festival environment.

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