How to Block Light In A Trade Show Tent

Andrew Dodson /// 04/19/2023

Trade shows are exciting events where businesses showcase their products or services to potential customers.

A big challenge, however, trade show exhibitors face is creating a visually appealing and welcoming space in their pop up trade show booth. In particular, controlling the amount of light that enters the tent can be crucial for creating a comfortable and engaging environment — or a space designed for a specific application.

As a manufacturer and fabricator of custom tents and structures, we've worked with MANY clients who needed a custom trade show tent that's totally blacked out on the inside, meaning no light leaks in or out.

We will use this article to explain how to block light in trade show tent, so you can create a space that not only draws people in, but makes a lasting impression.

Blackout vs. Dark-Out Tent

If blocking out light is part of your trade show display, it's important to know the difference between a blackout tent and a dark-out tent.

A blackout tent is made from a single wall of black Duranti 600D Polyester fabric, which is thick enough to block out a significant amount of light.

It's important to note, though, that a blackout tent may still allow in some light. This is because the fabric isn't completely opaque, and some light may still filter through. Despite this, a blackout tent can be a great option for those looking to create a dark and dramatic space.

On the other hand, a dark-out tent is created by doubling up the walls of the tent. This creates a much more effective barrier against light, and can virtually eliminate any light leak inside the tent.

This is achieved by adding an additional layer of fabric to the tent walls, which creates a more opaque surface. A dark-out canopy tent is a great option for those who require complete control over the amount of light that enters their trade show booth. For example, TentCraft has created a dark-out tent for a company that wanted to test out and showcase LIDAR sensors, which required absolutely darkness.

It's worth noting that customers often use the terms "blackout" and "dark-out" interchangeably, which can be confusing. That's why it's important to clarify the differences between these two options. While both types of tents are effective at blocking light, a dark-out tent is the more effective option for those who require complete control over the amount of light that enters their tent.

Manufacturing a Completely Dark-Out Tent for a Trade Show

A close-up of TentCraft's blacked out 600D Polyester canopy fabric.

A dark-out tent is designed to completely block out any external light, creating a controlled environment that is perfect for showcasing products or creating a unique atmosphere.

Creating a dark-out tent requires careful attention to detail, and our in-house team of professional sewers and fabricators have perfected the craft of tent walls.

One of the key aspects of creating a dark-out tent is doubling up on the walls. By using two layers of high-quality fabric, we are able to completely eliminate any light leak inside the tent. This is particularly important for events that take place during the day, when natural light can be a challenge to control.

In addition to using two layers of fabric, we also inquire about the length of the wall. A standard length wall has the opportunity to leak in light from the bottom. So, some dark-out tents are fabricated with longer walls to ensure nothing leaks in from the bottom.

And obviously, we pay close attention to the stitching and seams of our tent walls. Any small gaps or holes in the fabric can allow light to leak in, so we take great care to ensure that each panel is sewn together with precision and accuracy.

We also use high-quality zippers and fasteners to ensure that each panel is securely attached to the frame of the tent.

Benefits of a Blackout Tent

The main benefit of a blackout custom tent is that you can achieve the specific look or application for your trade show display. Whether it's using unique lighting inside or showing light-sensitive applications to prospective customers, this type of display tent can create a lasting impression.

Also, many people don’t realize that blacked-out tents are easier to keep clean than white tents.

Additionally, a black-out or dark-out tent really stand out — especially on a trade show floor where many tents or booths are a standard white color.

Downsides of a Blackout Tent

One downside of a completely dark blackout canopy tent is its weight. Since the walls are doubled up to prevent light from leaking in, it is slightly heavier than a standard pop-up tent with walls.

A dark-out 10x10 MONARCHTENT weighs more than 85 lbs due to those doubled-up walls.

Cost of Blackout and Dark-Out Tents

A 10x10 blackout tent with a heavy-duty tent frame costs between $3,500 and $5,500. Additional custom fabrication and accessories can add more to that cost. Learn more about TentCraft prices.

Learn More About Custom Tents

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