How Much Does a Geodesic Dome Event Tent Cost?

Brianna Popa /// 03/11/2022

A geodesic dome tent is a custom structure that can make a big splash at your next event or trade show because it’s so radically different from a portable pop-up tent.

And we’ve certainly seen increased interest in this custom structure since we officially sent a handful of our 20-foot-diameter domes into the wild in the past year. As you can expect, one of the first questions my team and I receive when customers inquire about a dome is, “How much does it cost?”

Well, in the world of custom tents, often that answer is, “It depends.” But when it comes to our domes, it’s actually a little easier to explain.

How much can I expect to pay for a custom dome event tent?

dome tent windows
A custom dome tent with window flaps.

A custom-printed geodesic dome event tent starts at about $8,500 (before taxes and shipping) and goes up as you add windows to it. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Custom-printed event dome with no windows: $8,500

  • Custom-printed event dome with window flaps: $11,850

  • Custom-printed event dome with clear vinyl windows: $13,000

We fabricate five windows or window flaps into the dome when you choose one of those two options. All domes include a roll-up zipper door.

dome tent roll-updoor
A look at the roll-up zipper door on a dome tent.

The prices above include as much custom printing as you desire for your dome in order to present your brand in the best light.

Dome Tent Add-Ons

We offer counters that attach to the dome windows for $499 and transport bags for each counter for $139.

dome counter
The dome tent counter system

How much does it cost to ship a dome event tent?

Due to the size and weight of a custom event dome, freight shipping is required. You can expect your shipment to weigh more than 300lbs. The average cost for shipping an event dome is between $1,000 and $1,500 depending on which bundle from above you purchase.

Why Do TentCraft Domes Cost So Much?

We never try to be the price leader, but we are committed to being the quality leader.

Before we designed and launched our own dome tent, we studied other options on the market. We found that most dome solutions aren’t very user-friendly. One option, for example, required bolting 30 different joints to attach 160-175 struts to form the dome. That takes WAY too long.

Our American-made solution uses fewer pieces and doesn’t require any tools — the entire dome is made from 64 equal-length aluminum poles. Once you get the hang of the installation, it should only take you and a friend 30-45 minutes to assemble. Also, everything can easily be transported in two bags.

Many restaurants that added dining outdoors purchased dome structures made with PVC pipes that are cheaper and don't allow for a custom-printed canopy. They're also significantly smaller. Our version is a professional-grade event structure with a 20-foot diameter designed for use by marketing agencies and serious business owners.

Simply put, our dome tent is the highest quality solution — and the easiest to setup and take down — on the market. We put so much trust behind it, that we include a lifetime warranty on the frame.

What are the main features of a dome tent?

Dome tent for outdoor dining
A rendering of a dome event tent for Traverse City Whiskey Co.

The biggest advantage of a dome is its eye-catching aesthetics — when installed at an event that’s primarily pop-up tents, your custom structure is going to easily stand out the most. But there are also some other cool features and applications about this solution.

First, this thing is big. With a 20-foot diameter and a top clearance height of 12’2”, there’s room to fit many people inside. Our dome has been used as a venue for outdoor drinks at a whiskey distillery in our hometown of Traverse City, Michigan, and more than 15 people can easily socialize in it without feeling crowded.

Because of its size, the dome also makes for a great mobile meeting spot at events or trade shows.

Finally, the dome is also the perfect retail pop-up solution. We sold a dome tent to an agency representing that did a retail pop-up outside the L.A. Memorial Coliseum for a Premier League promotion. Sports Promotion Group credits the dome for a smooth buying process and for impressive sales.

“It definitely exceeded our expectations,” said Mike Thomas, of Sports Promotion Group. “Typically, these events where so much free stuff is given away, sales aren’t the greatest. The dome created enough curiosity for people to come up and see what was available, and fortunately, many of them purchased a soccer ball.”

Ready to Talk Domes?

Now with the knowledge of event dome prices in your back pocket, are you ready to launch your next project? Reach out to us with what you’re envisioning and let’s bring your project to life.

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